5 Cleansing And Healthy Diets You Will Love

The purpose of a cleansing diet is to keep the body healthy. Once finished, continue to follow a balanced diet so as not to lose the benefits acquired.
5 cleansing and healthy diets you will love

The body collects all of our excesses: food, lack of exercise, weekend alcoholic drinks, negative emotions. Eventually he can get sick or, as they say, “show us the bill”. To eliminate everything that can harm us, the best way is to choose the one that best suits our taste from purifying diets.

Not sure where to start? In today’s article we present 5 purifying or detox diets to rebalance your body.

What are cleansing diets?

Purifying diets to get back in shape

The main goal of this change in our eating habits is to cleanse the body of toxins that tend to accumulate over time.

Under normal conditions this would not be necessary, since the body has its own natural purification system (through urine, faeces and perspiration). However, our current lifestyle, especially for those who live in the city, leads us to retain toxic elements that should be eliminated.

Many people decide to follow a purifying diet after the excesses of Christmas or the holidays, two times of the year when people eat and drink more than they should. In reality, there is no reason to wait for these two moments or to be too radical.

The cleansing diet provides the body with the substances it needs to eliminate toxins through urine and feces.

It is not as restrictive a diet as we tend to think. Foods considered caloric are also allowed, but which at the same time have purifying functions.

Among the benefits obtained by following a detox diet , we remember the possibility of counteracting  water retention, preventing diseases and reducing abdominal swelling.

Some examples of purifying diets

Purifying diets usually last only a day or a weekend. In these hours it is necessary to strive to eat only what is indicated to us. Often you feel the need to stay at home without exercising or other strenuous efforts.

Here are some types of cleansing diets:

1. Grapefruit diet

Grapefruit diet

Grapefruit is a powerful detoxifying and fat-burning food. It also provides a lot of fiber and vitamin C. To follow this diet you need to eat grapefruit for a whole day, whole or in juice.

In the afternoon you can treat yourself to a low-fat yogurt and in the evening a spinach or lettuce salad.

2. Diet rich in fiber

Oats are the main protagonist of a weekend dedicated to purification. You can consume it with milk or low-fat yogurt, orange juice, in bars or accompany it with dried fruit such as almonds.

As a snack you can eat some fresh fruit (strawberries, apples) and in the evening a carrot, leek and celery soup.

3. Carrot diet

Detox carrot juice

Spending a full day eating carrots isn’t that terrible. Better if raw: munching them helps reduce hunger and food anxiety, but any other presentation is still valid.

You can choose between smoothie, soup, puree or grated carrot with a little lemon. End the day with your favorite brew.

4. Tomato diet

An excellent diet for smokers (even for those who have just quit smoking) and for women who suffer from cellulite. Eat tomatoes anyway for a full day.

  • As soon as you get up, drink a tomato juice. For breakfast, eat two chopped tomatoes.
  • For lunch, a tomato salad with bean sprouts and lettuce, dressed with olive oil.
  • For a snack, a tomato and mint juice. Finally, for dinner repeat the lunch menu. Before going to bed, make yourself an infusion.

5. Artichoke diet

Artichoke: the king of purifying diets

This tasty vegetable has diuretic properties. Helps eliminate accumulations of fat, especially on the abdomen. The artichoke diet lasts for one day.

  • For breakfast, eat a slice of wholemeal bread with artichoke cream.
  • For lunch, grilled artichoke hearts, artichoke pie for dinner.
  • In the mid-morning and mid-afternoon you can eat a low-fat yogurt.

Are there “free” purifying diets?

Many of us don’t like the idea of ​​going on a diet, even if it’s just for one day.

Perhaps you have simply decided to  start eating healthier or have already had a weekend of purification. In this case, we recommend that you continue with the following foods, which are known for their detoxifying properties:

  • Fruit (pineapple, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, orange, apple, pear).
  • Vegetables (celery, asparagus, onions, escarole).
  • Sprouts (wheat, alfalfa, soy).
  • Whole grains.
  • Lean meats.
  • Blue fish.
  • Yogurt.

And what happens after the detox diet? This is a frequently asked question.

The idea is that once the detox treatment is over, you shouldn’t throw yourself into food. Gradually you can increase the quantities of food and, if possible, try to eat more fruits and vegetables (keep the list above presented).

Purifying diets with proper nutrition

Finally, don’t forget to practice a sport or, at least, to take a walk every day. Drink water (two liters a day), avoid too fatty foods, sugars and refined flours.  Consume infusions and natural juices instead of soft drinks, choose green tea instead of coffee.

This way your body will be less intoxicated, and all for the benefit of health.

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