6 Thoughts To Go From Fear To Motivation In Minutes

To move from fear to motivation, we must be convinced that just as calm comes after the storm, after a failure, a great result awaits us.
6 thoughts to go from fear to motivation in minutes

When we have a goal to reach or a dream to fulfill, we feel motivated to act with optimism and energy. Sometimes, however, negative thoughts and doubts prevent us from achieving our goals. And it’s harder to go from fear to motivation.

In this regard, we want to offer you some phrases that will help you move quickly from fear to motivation . Going down this path is not easy, but it is important to always be able to make your own decisions without being influenced by fear.

6 thoughts to go from fear to motivation in minutes

1. “Fear does not arise outside: it is in our mind”

Have you ever felt paralyzed with fear? You know, those situations where we make a movie in our head imagining the worst possible scenario.

When you are unable to make a decision because you already imagine that everything will go wrong and you will pay dearly for the consequences. When in doubt, we simply decide not to move.

Sometimes our mind plays tricks; in order to move from fear to motivation, negative thoughts must be removed from our memory.

It is necessary to heal the thought in order to be able to make the best decisions, without letting ourselves be influenced by the thoughts induced by fear.

We must not allow past experiences to terrify us to the point of not making us act.

2. “I have to take risks. I don’t have to be afraid of defeat “

From fear to motivation

Understanding that in life we ​​sometimes win and sometimes we lose allows us to live more lightly.

People who get stuck in fear rarely make mistakes, but they also have less chance of improving and advancing.

Mistakes are a part of life and are of great help. Without failures, perhaps, you wouldn’t have learned everything there was to know to get to where you are now.

It is not easy to understand fully, but we must keep in mind that when we fail, in reality, we are achieving something: a teaching that will help us in the future.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of failing. Dare to go from fear to motivation.

3. Go from fear to motivation: “fear makes people strangers, they could be friends”

Fear immobilizes and prevents us from having new experiences, including the possibility of meeting new people. 

Are you one of those people who follow the old advice “don’t talk to strangers”? If so, stop doing it.

Sometimes it is unpleasant to know people other than us. However, it is not a question of giving confidence to the first person who passes by, but of getting rid of the fear of knowing and dating people who could bring something good into your life.

Remember: successful people try to get to know as many people as possible.

4. “Whoever is not brave enough will get nothing out of life”

To dare

Taking risks is a question of attitude. An attitude that requires a dose of courage in the face of life.

When you feel fear and let it overwhelm you, you weaken the brave part  of you and give strength to cowardice.

The result is that the fear becomes stronger every day. For this reason, the best attitude is to clear the mind of thoughts that prevent us from making the correct decisions.

Being guided by fear is easier, but if you do, you preclude yourself from improving in the most important aspects of your life.

5. Going from fear to motivation: “forgetting fear is a question of attitude”

We can have the best qualifications, be prepared, have experience: all this does not relieve us from being afraid in some circumstances.

It is normal to feel it and experience moments of uncertainty. It is not normal, however, to let it dominate us, losing the best of our life.

If you are convinced that the more prepared you are, the less fear you feel, know that this is not the case. Anything new that represents a change will make you feel the same again.

You can’t go far if you can’t move from fear to motivation.

6. “Don’t let doubts prevent you from deciding”

When you want to achieve something in life, change jobs, start a new relationship, take a trip or a big investment, doubts and fears will assail you.

In these cases the first thing to do is to analyze the pros and cons of the situation. Starting from this analysis, you can make the best decision and find out if the dream or the goal was achievable.

To move from fear to motivation,   you must first clarify within yourself what is causing the fear.

Once this is done, you can get an idea of ​​what you could gain or lose, depending on how the situation develops.

Don’t forget: overcoming fear requires a lot of practice and a willingness to act.

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