7 Healthy Foods To Eat Before Training

Thanks to its essential fatty acids, avocado gives us energy and improves physical and mental performance. It is an ideal supplement to the diet, because it is also satiating.
7 healthy foods to eat before training

Most people prefer not to eat anything before training because, after all, the intention is to burn the calories  accumulated by eating certain foods. Do you know, however, that there are 7 healthy foods to eat before training?

Of course, taking certain foods before playing sports (such as the 7 healthy foods listed in this article ) can be positive as it improves performance and makes exercise more effective.

When engaging in intense physical activities that require a lot of endurance, it is important to include more protein, some fat and some carbohydrates in the diet (As this Chilean study states).

Of course, we don’t have to take them right before leaving the house or on the way to the gym. The ideal would be to eat them half an hour or an hour before, to give our body time to use them as a source of energy.

The 7 healthy foods to eat before training

If you have already prepared your roadmap, but are unsure about the best snack before starting, do not miss the 7 healthy foods for sports. You will love them!

1. Fruit or vegetable smoothies before training

7 healthy foods: green smoothies
Green healthy foods

Green fruit and vegetable smoothies are one of the greatest sources of natural energy we can take to increase sports performance. These drinks are refreshing, digest very easily  and help your metabolism burn fat more easily.

Or add vegetables such as:

  • Spinach. A rich source of dietary fiber, as this Spanish study reports.
  • Cabbage.
  • Broccoli. Great source of vitamin C, antioxidant and capable of improving iron absorption, according to this report from the National Institutes of Health .
  • Parsley, according to this research carried out on rodents by the Perugina San Marcos University, could act as a hepatoprotector.
  • Celery. According to this study it is purifying and recommended for kidney cleansing.

You can prepare them using fruits such as:

  • Banana.
  • Apple. This study from the Chilean University of Telca relates it to cardioprotective property.
  • According to this research from the Complutense University of Madrid, kiwifruit is extremely rich in vitamin K, which is responsible for the formation of tissues, according to the National Institutes of Health .
  • Pineapple, according to this study from the Mangalayatan University, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Chia seeds before training

Chia seeds have become popular for a reason: they are rich in nutritional properties and are very good for our health. They contain omega 3 essential fatty acids, fibers, proteins and mineral salts that help strengthen the body and provide energy. However, this study conducted by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro considers current information insufficient with respect to the relationship with cardiovascular health.

They are easily found on the market at a fairly reasonable price. It is not necessary to take large quantities to enjoy their properties; a scant spoon, added to smoothies, is more than enough.

3. Avocado, among the 7 healthy foods to eat before training

Avocado smoothie before training

It is delicious and packed with benefits for the overall health of the body. Contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients useful in all types of diets.

Provides the perfect calorie intake to energize the body naturally and improve physical and mental performance.

Consumption of this fruit  helps regulate cholesterol levels and lose weight, according to this study by the University of Zulia (Venezuela).

4. Eggs before training

Eggs are no longer antagonists to diets and it has already been shown that consuming them regularly contributes to improving cardiovascular health, as stated in this study carried out by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. especially if the training is done in the morning.

5. Oats for exercise

Oats for training

Oats are a food that is high in dietary fiber. This cereal, considered the most complete, helps stabilize blood sugar levels   (as stated in this study conducted by the UNIVATES de Brasil University Center ) and facilitates the metabolic transformation of fats into energy. It is low in calories and, thanks to its healthy fats, protects the heart and regulates cholesterol.

6. Energizing dried fruit

Dried fruit has less water than fresh fruit and this is why it contains more calories. In return, it is an excellent source of protein, healthy fats and antioxidants useful for those who follow a diet.

For those who practice sports it is also the right choice to break hunger, since it is satiating and energetic. The high intake of fiber reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, a characteristic that makes it an ideal food to control the level of glucose in the blood, as stated in this study carried out by the Autonomous University of Baja California (Mexico):

7. Low-fat Greek yogurt, the last of the 7 healthy foods before training

Yogurt among the 7 healthy foods

This food is excellent for the health of the intestinal flora (as this study states), and stimulates digestion, avoiding  blood sugar imbalances, as reported by this study from the University of Illinois. However, it is too early to confirm any kind of benefits in treating type 2 diabetes.

Remember that the most important thing is the motivation you put into training. Of course, if this is paired with healthy foods like the ones shown above, you can get the most benefit for the body. With commitment and perseverance, you will get the best results for your health and your figure.

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