A Great Friend: The 6 Characteristics To Recognize Him

Even if we can go years and years without having any physical contact, when you go back to hugging a great friend it seems that time has never passed. 
A great friend: the 6 characteristics to recognize him

Do you think you are surrounded by great people? Do you think you are great friends? Undoubtedly, we all need people to accompany us on our journey, even if it is not necessarily a physical closeness. A great friend recognizes himself and stands out from others.

Such people motivate us to be better people and listen to us when we need them.

Perhaps because of everything  that represents a great friend in our life, we always have the hope of finding one more. Today we want to talk about their characteristics.

In this way we will be able to realize if we are in the first place, if we really give what we expect from others and if our friends can be considered as such.

A great friend listens without judging

A great friend listens to us

People have a tendency to help others by sharing their feelings and opinions, and they often exaggerate. Criticisms are welcome within certain limits.

Our ego often leads us to negatively judge friends, family and colleagues.

A great friend knows that these criticisms hurt people who seek support and understanding. He knows that listening to others is an act of generosity and, even if he sometimes gives some advice, he does not expect to influence the life of those who seek his support. 

A true friend helps and supports without expecting anything in return. Remember that listening means understanding and understanding the context in its entirety.

He doesn’t give much importance to discussions

Friends argue. Don’t think for a moment that a great friend is always happy with your attitudes. He is not even the one who compliments you even if you have misbehaved.

Quite the contrary. A good friend will give you his honest opinion. If he thinks you have done something negative he will tell you to your face and this will likely cause some discussion.

Just remember not to make the mistake of judging a constructive criticism, idea or opinion other than your own, just because you think it is offensive.

Arguing does not mean arguing. In reality it is a healthy behavior and, very often, necessary for our personal relationships.

Whether you tell a loved one that it was wrong or you are the object of criticism, always remember that it is not personal. As friends, the least you can do is be as sincere as possible.

He cares about others

Certainly you have happened to wonder if your friends show up only in times of need. When this happens, it means that the trust is gone and that the relationship is definitely compromised.

Unfortunately, you will come across friends who are not sincere and who will be by your side just to have fun or to get something from you. It is a reality that does not have to please us, but that we must learn to accept.

Fortunately, there is also the other side of the coin. This means that you will meet friends who will always be sincerely at your side.

We refer to those friends who will always support you and who will always be happy to see you grow. You may not see them for months or years, but the day you see each other will feel like time has not passed.

It is always present

Personal differences, arguments , time or distance – none of this alienates a great friend. On the contrary, he will work to ensure that negative situations do not end the relationship.

Did you have a particularly violent argument? He will look for you to talk and solve everything.

Did you go abroad for study or work reasons? Don’t cut off contact with the people you love. Friendship needs to be nurtured, it needs care to stay strong. For this reason, it is necessary to be present and participate in the important moments in the life of the other.

Celebrate your friends’ victories without feeling envy or jealousy. Suffer with them for defeats and offer your shoulder in difficult times.

Sometimes physical presence is impossible, but a great friend always finds a way to be close to you.

He trusts the other

A great friend trusts

Gossip and malicious comments from third parties can harm any friendship.

The difference between a great friend and a passing friend is that the former is able to trust. He understands that there are malicious people who can misrepresent some ideas and are not swayed by such comments.

If you want to keep the bond, you must learn to listen to your friends. If in doubt, ask directly and without mincing words.

Don’t get strange ideas and don’t get involved in secrets, gossip and negative comments. You don’t even have to stray at the first comment others make to you.

Be open about what’s going on in your life and try not to have secrets from your friends. 

A great friend is faithful and sincere

A great friend is faithful in all circumstances, does not speak badly of other people and does not allow anyone to speak badly of you.

He defends you when he sees fit, but also leaves you room for you to resolve your issues on your own.

He will have no problem telling you that you are wrong and will clearly explain the reasons for his position.

Either way, it will let you make your own decisions and even be wrong. In that case he will be there and will stay by your side to help you deal with the circumstances in the best possible way without trying to solve your life.

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