A Happy Child Is Loud, Restless, Cheerful And Rebellious

While we may not like the idea, we need to understand that if children don’t sit still for a moment, it’s normal. They are going through the age of discovery and experimentation and we shouldn’t clip their wings.
A happy child is loud, restless, cheerful, and rebellious

A happy child who rejoices in discovering and interacting with the world is loud and rebellious. Unfortunately, however, in recent times a phenomenon has arisen that catches the eye and worries us: “bimbophobia”.

For some time now, the number of very specific hotel offers has increased, in which “child-free” stays are offered, ie without children.

This means that, during your stay, you can be sure that you will not meet babies or other children who could annoy you during the night with their crying or upset the pool with their games.

The same happens now also in various bars and restaurants. This is a different offer, aimed at all those who want to spend a moment of peace away from childhood presences.

This type of phenomenon is growing tremendously both in the United States and in Great Britain, which invites us to reflect on a more complex issue.

Have we forgotten what it means to be a happy child ? Do we really have so little empathy that we are unable to connect with those wonderful, noisy and rebellious years of childhood?

When the happy child bothers in public spaces

Let’s start by explaining the story of Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood. Last year she had an experience that marked her and that she wanted to denounce, hoping to entice the company to reflect on an important concept.

He was going on a plane trip with a 23-month-old baby. She was 7 months pregnant, and while it wasn’t her first time traveling from San Francisco to Vancouver, something was different this time.

When the plane hadn’t taken off yet, the baby started crying. After a few minutes, all the passengers began to look at her with annoyance. It didn’t take long before reproaches started flying because “she was not a good mother”, a person who did not know how to take care of her children.

Shortly thereafter, one of the stewardesses arrived and told her that she had to calm the baby down, because the other passengers were complaining, and that there was even the possibility of having to get her off the plane if the baby did not remain silent.

The young mother was speechless.

Her son’s crying lasted just 10 minutes, because after that he fell asleep the entire time of the trip.

Have people forgotten what it means to raise a child? No one remembers anymore that a newborn cries, laughs, screams and cries?

Mom with happy baby

Bimbophobia: thinking that if a child cries it is a sign of bad education

This is just a small example of what many parents face every day, when they go to the grocery store, when they want to go to the theater, when they go to a restaurant for dinner. If a child screams, cries or attracts the attention of others, it means that his parents “are doing something wrong”.

  • This is an erroneous and stigmatized idea. Each child has his own personality and his way of interacting with the environments and situations that surround him. There are children who are more restless and others who are calmer, but this does not always depend on the education their parents give.
  • Babies cry, because crying is that fundamental language they use to ask for something, to communicate. It is natural and that every mother understands.

This is why we need to show a little more empathy and respect when on a train or plane we see those parents trying to calm their child during the journey.

Bimbophobia has made it possible for minors to enter many places of entertainment in the United States or England. Despite this, in this way, the entry of parents is also prohibited. It is an aspect to reflect on.

It is obvious that, when it comes to tourism, every company can offer the service they prefer and if someone wants to spend their holidays without seeing or hearing any children, they deserve all our respect.


A happy child is a child who runs, who screams, who attracts attention

Children feel the desire to touch anything, experience, hear, laugh, learn. .. If we force them to be silent, not to cry, to speak in a low voice and not to move from their chair, we will make them fearful children who do not have the courage to explore the world.

  • The crying must be listened to, it cannot be censored or ignored. If a child wants to touch something, it is our job to protect him so that he does not get hurt, but it is also necessary to encourage their curiosity and their desire to explore and interact with the environment around them.
  • Childhood is noisy by nature. It is enough to go to a kindergarten or elementary school during recess to realize this and remember what it means to be a child.

They will have time to grow up and be silent, to stay still in the seat of an airplane and not to bother.

In the meantime, we respect their parents and their role as educators and show more empathy towards children.

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