Abused Women Send 5 Specific Signals

Women who are victims of violence tend to hide their drama, out of fear or shame. That is why we must pay attention to some symptoms that may indicate the presence of a home problem.
Abused women send 5 specific signals

Abused women generally follow typical patterns when faced with some stimuli or situations.

Intuiting them helps to understand when we are faced with a woman victim of violence  who, for one reason or another, does not have the strength to ask for help or to open her eyes to her situation.

Have you ever suspected that a woman was a victim of violence, have you ever noticed these signs?

The telltale signs of abused women

1. Try to hide the bruises

abused women

Although many women are subjected to psychological abuse, others also suffer physical violence and beatings are not always given in visible parts of the body.

If a woman suddenly starts wearing a lot of makeup and it’s not her habit, if she goes to great lengths to cover her arms, back or other body part, she may be trying to hide the signs of abuse.

How do you recognize abused women? Especially from the anxiety of hiding the skin and in a very aggressive or defensive reaction when it comes to uncovering.

2. Try to prevent the abuser from becoming angry

Women victims of violence live in a constant state of alert, in an attempt to avoid the anger or discontent of the abuser.

For this reason, they often avoid addressing certain topics in his presence; or you will hear them say “no, I prefer not to go out with you, my husband is not happy”, or “he works all day and the little free time he has left he wants to spend with me”.

In their behavior we will notice lack of assertiveness, little will to satisfy their own needs and the constant need to submit to the wishes of the partner.

3. Withholds important information about one’s life

An abusive person tends to distance the partner from relatives and friends and when they ask for news, the victim hides a lot of information, making a series of excuses in order not to tell the truth.

To a direct question about her life, abused women respond superficially and try to change the subject quickly.

All this makes her live in a state of strong stress and anxiety, because she must also be attentive to every word she says, fearing that the partner will find out and get angry.

4. She is always on the defensive

As we have already said when talking about the need to hide the body, an abused woman fears physical contact with other people.

For example, a simple touch of the arm may be enough to make her jump, as if she were always waiting for an attack to defend against.

In other cases, you will notice that when someone raises an arm, the abused woman covers her face, as if they are about to hit her.

5. Always feels responsible

An abused woman believes she is at fault and often thinks she deserves to be beaten by her partner.

This attitude has repercussions in other aspects of her life, in which the woman takes on responsibilities and sins that do not belong to her.

It is undoubtedly a symptom of very low self-esteem and a tendency to show a submissive attitude in all circumstances.


An abused woman is generally extremely fragile. Helping her can be difficult, sometimes impossible, especially if she thinks she deserves what is happening to her.

Being able to understand these signals will help us not to judge a possible submissive attitude and not to further blame a person who is going through the worst moment of his life.

Maltreatment has always been a painful reality in our society, however, the possibilities of help for women who decide to get out of it are increasing.

Remember, those who feel lonely or desperate can always turn to 1522, or the pink phone: it is a phone call that can change their life forever.

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