Bananas Don’t Make You Fat! 10 Benefits Of This Fruit

They are good for the skin, digestive system, improve mood, fight anemia and, in addition, satiate. There is no reason to exclude bananas from your diet
Bananas are not fattening!  10 benefits of this fruit

For years, eating bananas was thought to cause weight gain due to their high calorie and sugar content. Today, however, many have changed their minds. Bananas are not fattening!

In fact, it has been shown that it is a complete food which, due to its nutritional richness, is suitable for all diets.

Nowadays, many people regularly include bananas in their food plans. In addition to being nutritious, they are versatile and increase the feeling of well-being. In addition, it should be noted that they are quite cheap and can be found at any time of the year.

Bananas are not fattening. Indeed, below we will reveal 10 important benefits that are obtained from bananas.

In this way you will no longer have any doubts and you can eat them whenever you want.

10 benefits you get from bananas

1. They protect digestive health

Bowel regularity

Bananas contain an important amount of fiber. This has a beneficial effect on the body by promoting bowel movement and thus fighting constipation.

In addition, they act as a natural remedy for ulcers, as they  neutralize acids and soothe irritation.

On the other hand, they also serve to protect the system against the attack of certain bacteria that cause gastrointestinal problems. Their fructo-oligosaccharides act as probiotics, feeding beneficial bacteria in the gut, and producing digestive enzymes for adequate nutrient absorption.

2. Strengthen the muscles

Bananas have a high potassium content. Eating bananas therefore helps to strengthen the muscles. At the same time,  it promotes recovery after a training session.

3. They fight fatigue

Exhausted woman

Feeling tired and weak can be combated by eating bananas. It is  a natural revitalizer that increases energy. At the same time, it brings essential nutrients to the body.

Bananas are suitable for extremely thin people or people with health problems that sometimes cause physical debilitation.

4. They are good for blood pressure

One of the reasons that prevent blood pressure levels from being controlled is the excess sodium accumulated in the body and the potassium deficiency to eliminate it.

Nonetheless, bananas provide significant amounts of potassium. This is of great benefit to patients with hypertension. 

5. They reduce cardiovascular risk

Doctor with rubber heart in hand

Keeping blood pressure in check isn’t the only benefit bananas have on the cardiovascular system. Their properties help keep the heart rhythm stable.

In addition, thanks to their fibers, they  regulate bad cholesterol levels to prevent blood vessels from hardening.

6. They bring a feeling of satiety

Bananas are not fattening. On the contrary, they favor weight loss diets. In fact, it is one of the most satiating foods,  thanks to their significant contribution of carbon hydrates and fibers.

That’s why eating them in times of anxious hunger is a very healthy way to reduce hunger for longer.

7. Ideal for the beauty of the skin

The vitamins and minerals contained in bananas are very good for the skin. In this respect, their application would be more appropriate in the form of masks. However, eating them allows you to nourish the skin from the inside.

Their antioxidant properties curb cell damage and help repair tissues. This  avoids the premature appearance of wrinkles.

8. They fight anemia

Nurse with flask of blood

Bananas have high amounts of iron. This mineral is essential for increasing the production of hemoglobin in the blood which is a determining factor in dealing with anemia.

9. They improve the mood

Some say bananas are better than antidepressants. They taste delicious, cause no side effects, plus they benefit the whole body.

Tryptophan, a type of essential amino acid contained in them,  stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. This allows you to improve the mood. In addition, it helps to avoid insomnia and to bring a feeling of well-being.

10. They are beneficial for the nervous system

Eating a banana or drinking a tea made from this fruit  provides the body with good amounts of vitamin B. Essential substance for calming the nervous system.

Bananas are not fattening!

Basically, you can eat several bananas a week without fear of gaining weight. However, the best way to eat them is raw, on their own or in smoothies.

In addition, you can enjoy the properties of bananas also thanks to their peel, with which to prepare a medicinal infusion.

Include bananas in your diets and you will see that they will become your best ally to keep you healthy!

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