Carbonated Drink: What Does It Really Contain?

Cola-based drinks contain addictive substances, so people want to drink more and more.
Carbonated drink: what does it really contain?

Drinking a cold fizzy drink is a popular activity around the world.  In some countries, such as the United States, these sugary drinks cost even less than water!

What most consumers ignore are the ingredients they contain. In this article you will discover the components of the drinks that accompany your meals. Maybe you don’t want to drink them anymore.

How do you make a fizzy drink?

First of all, these drinks are prepared through different chemical processes. Nothing that is used is natural. They contain refined sugar, flavorings, artificial colors (these three components make up 90% of the contents of the bottle), as well as caramel, caffeine, additives and preservatives that derive from tar.

The composition of cola-based drinks, for example, is made up of acids, mainly carbonic and erythorbic acids. Names sound just as bad as they actually are. Here’s what they add to your body and that of your family!

Some of the less common uses of the most famous cola drink in the world suggest that it is really bad for your health. We present them to you below.

To clean the bathroom

Excellent for removing encrustations and dirt stuck to the walls of the toilet. You just have to pour some of this drink inside and let it take effect for a few seconds. Use a brush and you will see what a shine!

To remove corrosion

You can use this drink to make the battery terminals work. Pour a glass and let it act for thirty minutes. You will see what a powerful action!

To remove the oxide

oxide and cocacola

The acids contained in cola drinks are premium quality solvents. Try using them on any oxidized object, such as a bicycle or a screw.

To clean oil stains

Here is another use of these drinks in the mechanical sector. When clothes are covered with car oil stains, they can be placed in a container with a cola-based fizzy drink. It is necessary to let it pass for three hours and rinse with water. They will be as good as new!

To wash the windows

Whether it’s from the car or from the house, pour a little soda on a cloth and wipe it all over the windows and windows. Afterwards, use a damp cloth and that’s it.

What else is hidden in a fizzy drink?

Yes, there are more surprises and secrets worth revealing. You are ready? Phosphoric acid, for example, is a great corrosive that attacks the teeth first and then, when it passes to the body, affects the stomach and liver.

It is the cause of many digestive, liver and intestinal problems or diseases; a silent enemy to which not everyone pays attention, but which is very dangerous.

Various studies have revealed that this acid is carcinogenic and that it comes from petroleum. If you add to this that it is combined with a large amount of sugar and caffeine, it causes:

  • addiction; you will want to consume more and more.
  • changes in the nervous system; people who drink fizzy drinks are overexcited.
  • hormonal imbalances; for example, in the endocrine system.
  • dangers to the teeth; it stains them, causes them to rot and causes tooth decay.
  • bone wear; “Steals” calcium from the body.
  • weight gain; the large amount of sugars they contain (even the light or low-calorie versions) makes you fat more than any food.
  • decreased immune defenses; you are more likely to get viral or bacterial diseases as your immune system weakens.
  • increased allergies.
  • reduction in the levels of mineral salts in the body.
  • fermentation of the food bolus; drinking fizzy drinks with meals, they have a negative effect on digestion.
  • excessive production of acetic acid and alcohol; this causes the liver to work as if it had been drinking alcoholic beverages and, therefore, damages it a lot.
  • cell destruction and aging.

Why do we drink them if they are so bad for health?


First of all because we are not informed about it. The same thing happens with everyday food, both in a local and at home. If people knew how harmful these drinks are, they would stop buying them right away.

If we were all informed about it, perhaps production would even be stopped. In the meantime, you can start not drinking them and not offering them to your loved ones.

Secondly, because, creating so much addiction, they buy them as if they were water or something delicious to share. Children are the first to ask parents to buy a bottle at the supermarket or when they go out for dinner.

A third reason is because advertising makes us believe that that particular drink makes us “be trendy”, “enjoy an evening with friends” or “be happy with the family”.

All this is not true; there is extensive trade behind the production and marketing of these drinks. Companies get rich by deteriorating the health of consumers (as happens for example in the tobacco industry, one of the most important in the world).

What happens in the body when a fizzy drink is consumed?

sodas causes on health

A very interesting research shows the effects that the most famous American cola drink in the world has on the body. Do you want to discover them?

  • 10 minutes – The nervous system suddenly wakes up due to the amount of sugar and caffeine introduced into the body.
  • 20 minutes – Insulin levels in the bloodstream rise and the liver turns the sugar in the soda into fat.
  • 40 minutes – Pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, the liver releases more insulin and sleep receptors become blocked.
  • 45 minutes – The dopamine hormone, in charge of stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, increases. It is worth pointing out that the same effect occurs in people who take heroin.
  • 60 minutes – Increases the expulsion of calcium through the urine as the phosphoric calcium in the drink joins certain nutrients and “pushes” them out of the body. Magnesium and zinc are also lost during this process.

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