Changes To Stay Young, Here Are 7

Believe it or not, sleeping well and having good friends are two fundamental pillars of staying young and ignoring the passing years.
Changes to stay young, here are 7

There are lifestyle changes to stay young. More than an art, it is about acquiring the will to take care of oneself inside and out. In addition to creams and cosmetic surgery treatments, there are simple and inexpensive beauty tricks that we can all use to see ourselves more beautiful in the mirror.

We also know that accepting your age is the first step in being able to enjoy a good quality of life. However, this does not mean precluding us  the opportunity to  better deal with the passage of time. 

Strange as it may seem, there are some easy habits to put into practice. For example, drinking more water improves the texture of the skin by fighting dryness and renewing its cells.

We are sure that the following tips will help you a lot day after day. Take note! 

We reveal what are the changes to stay young

1. Straightener and hairdryer: appliances that compromise the youth of your hair

Straighteners and hairdryers, at high temperatures, damage the hair, aging it, weakening it and giving it a dull shade.

  • How about not using them at least three times a week? It may be difficult, especially for women, as part of their beauty ritual consists of waving the tips or obtaining a perfect smoothness thanks to the straightener.
  • Remember that your hair needs to breathe while these appliances, which are almost always used at high temperatures, deprive them of beauty and youth.

2. Apply sunscreen every day

Protective creams are remembered only and exclusively in summer. However, dermatologists say they are not only useful in preventing skin cancer, but also in fighting premature aging. 

It doesn’t matter if the sky is cloudy, raining or winter; sun protection is the basis of our beauty and health rituals .

So, don’t hesitate to apply it every day. If you are a woman, remember that many makeup bases already include protection.

3. Half an hour of exercise a day: here are the changes to keep you young and fit

changes to stay young
Do you want to keep yourself young? Take care of your body. Do you want to feel good? Play sports. If you want to see yourself more beautiful in the mirror, practice half an hour a day of exercise.

Just a simple motor activity that stimulates the circulation and forces the heart to pump with more force to obtain an adequate supply of oxygen, endorphins and serotonin.

You will notice changes in your mood and also in your skin. Regular and moderate sport is a sensational way to stay in shape  and fight the passage of time.

4. Renew the cells!

Guess what is the best and most effective way to renew cells, purify the body and allow the body to stay young. Well yes: drink a lot of water!

You don’t necessarily want to drink 2 liters of water a day, as each person has their own needs.

The best thing is to be consistent and drink a good sip of water every half hour. This simple practice will be of great help for the body, because there is nothing better than being well hydrated, so that internal homeostasis works properly.

5. Hands and neck: the most neglected

Healing hands and neck to make changes to stay young

To preserve one’s youth, it is not enough to just take care of the face or fight weight gain, flabbiness and wrinkles. There are two areas of the body that show the signs of the passage of time first: hands and neck.

What exactly do you do to take care of it? What are your beauty rituals? 

You must always keep the skin of your hands and neck perfectly hydrated. To do this, use specific creams for these areas of the body,  one for day and one for night.  

6. Positive relationships? Yes thanks!

Having a hundred friends won’t make you any younger. Instead, having few but good friends will affect your well-being, motivate you and keep you active.

Having a partner with whom to grow up and who is at the same time a friend, lover, companion of laughter in the happy moments of life, but also participant in the bad ones, will make you feel good and young.

Always remember that among  the things that are good for the mind and heart is a good friend. 

7. Getting plenty of good sleep is one of the changes in staying young

changes to stay young sleep well

No, this is not nonsense! Sleeping well is an essential need for the organism,  body, brain and mind.

  • Right at night, when you are in a deep sleep phase, your body performs important detoxification functions.
  • At the same time, the brain “cleanses” the body of dead cells, renewing tissues, reorganizing memories and creating new connections.

Everything that we have just mentioned will allow you to keep yourself in excellent shape, both physically and mentally. So, make sure that nothing or no one deprives you of the 8 hours of night’s rest.

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