Control Uric Acid With Fruit

Both cherries and their juice can help reduce uric acid levels. However, this is not true with jam and cakes.
Check uric acid with fruit

If something is not done to control uric acid, there is a risk of serious health problems, which are very common among the population. We all have some of this substance in our blood, but in small quantities which must always remain at a normal level.

One way to achieve this is to regulate our diet and consume adequate fruit, which can help us.

What is uric acid and why does our body produce it?

Reduce uric acid

Uric acid is a waste product of the blood. Dead cells and food purines. Usually, as we have already told you, we all have it in certain quantities, but if we do not take care of our diet, an excess of this element will be produced. 

When our kidneys do not filter it adequately and concentrate, it gives rise to a condition known as hyperuricemia.

If we do not control it, if the uric acid levels become high, we run the risk that they end up crystallizing in our joints and tissues, giving rise to gout, that annoying and painful inflammation of the joints that typically develops in the toes, with the characteristic redness.

What foods should we avoid? With a little effort this disease can be cured, so remember to avoid red meat, game, alcoholic beverages, coffee first.

Fruit indicated for reducing uric acid

1. Oranges and lemons


Reduce uric acid with oranges

We like them very much. So why not get used to starting the day with lemon juice and water on an empty stomach? It would be ideal! Later you can also have an orange juice, wholemeal rusks and olive oil and some walnuts. Perfect!

Vitamin C is miraculous for reducing uric acid in the blood. Those crystals attached to our joints will crumble, helping us eliminate them. Also, don’t forget that lime and grapefruit are also part of this group, so keep that in mind, within this vitamin C-rich fruit variety . Know that you can always help yourself with a couple of juices a day.

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2. Apples


Reduce uric acid with apples

Tasty green or red apples, it doesn’t matter. They are simply perfect for controlling uric acid.  We especially recommend drinking the juice this way: peel and cut three apples and add a liter of water. Cook them for half an hour, to obtain a wonderful and very therapeutic juice to drink during the day. Don’t add sugar!

3. Strawberries



Depending on the season, take advantage of them to consume them daily they are perfect for controlling uric acid.  They are rich in vitamin C, and their essential components are particularly suitable for destroying the purines in our blood that the kidneys cannot eliminate.

You can have strawberries for breakfast and also their water, excellent even if cooked and then blended with water. And as always remember not to add sugar, nor to choose the more mature ones, since the glucose level of the latter can be very high.

4. The blueberries



We know that it is not easy to find them in all countries, but they are generally considered one of the best fruits, with greater medicinal benefits for the treatment of uric acid.

If you suffer from this disease, it will be necessary to try to find them, as their richness in vitamin C and anthocyanins is very effective. Ideally, for example, take a cup of these fruits after lunch to check uric acid.

5. Cherries



Who doesn’t like cherries? These small fruits are ideal for controlling uric acid and cholesterol.  We know that it is a seasonal fruit and that in many countries it is difficult to find. If you can find it in supermarkets, even if in the form of juice, do not doubt, it will be of great help.

It is enough to consume ten cherries a day to lower the uric acid level. And always in their natural form, that is, do not make cakes or jams with these, only in their natural form! Clean them well before eating and benefit from them.

As already mentioned, these fruits are indicated for lowering uric acid, but the essential thing is to accompany them with a good diet low in fat, free of red meat. Also remember that a food that does very well in these cases is the artichoke. 

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