Cut Hair According To The Phases Of The Moon

Cut your hair according to the phases of the moon

How many times have we ever heard someone say that they would have their hair cut according to  the moon phases? Better to cut them on a specific day, because it coincides with the fourth crescent of the moon or, on the contrary, than postponing the appointment with the hairdresser because it does not coincide with the full moon?

This is due to the fact that the phases of the moon (not only according to popular belief, but also according to scientific research) have a great influence on hair growth, as well as on plants, tides and much more.

Hair growth and moon phases: myth or truth?

There is no doubt that there are many stories around the moon and its phases. Popular beliefs indicate that for each phase of the moon there are activities that should be done and others that should be avoided. The truth is that without the moon, many of the things we see every day would not exist. How is it possible?

It’s simple: the moon is the natural satellite of our planet and the magnetism it exerts on Earth affects many aspects, such as moods, the severity of disease, nail and hair growth, animal behavior and much more. yet…

The phases of the moon regulate and control many aspects of our daily life. Although, with regard to certain aspects, this influence cannot be supported by scientific studies, it is true that there is a calendar for sowing and for the care of the garden, in which it is specified which day it is appropriate to plant each species of plant depending on the various phases of the moon and the use that will be made of what is sown (if the leaves, bulbs or fruits will be consumed).

woman cultivates following the phases of the moon

We know with certainty that the moon, in a year, completes thirteen complete turns around the earth, giving rise to as many lunar months, also called lunations. Each of them lasts about twenty-nine days and is divided into four phases, which affect vitality, energy, ability to concentrate, sensitivity, mood, mood, pain, etc …

The phases of the moon and the tides

Each phase, in fact, acts on the earth with different vibrations. The phenomenon in which this influence is most visible is undoubtedly the tidal cycle, since the satellite of our planet attracts water towards it according to the phase in which it is located.

  • When the moon is in a waning or waxing phase, the tides are of smaller magnitude and are called death or square;
  • during the full moon or new moon phase, however, we see tides of greater magnitude, called live or sizigial tides.
  • The most intense tides occur during the new moon phase, as the satellite is in alignment with the sun and their effects add up, as well as their influence on the water.

The phases of the moon and health

The relationship between health and beauty and the phases of the moon has always been – and continues to be – the subject of many studies. The evidence, for example, shows that if we shave in the waning moon phase, hair regrowth will be much slower and weaker.

In the growing moon phase, on the other hand, there are more chances of suffering from bleeding, which is why the menstrual cycle is more intense and painful than usual and it is not advisable to undergo any surgery or dental extractions during this phase: it is better to wait for the waning moon phase.

Dental care

Cut your hair according to the phases of the moon

New moon (or new moon phase)

In this phase the moon is not visible as it is located between the sun and the earth. It would be possible to observe the moon only during a total solar eclipse. This phase is considered harmful to the hair fiber and, therefore, it is not recommended to make any type of cut, as it would weaken the hair fibers and cause a greater fall.

First quarter

The moon rises on the horizon, from the east, at noon, reaches its zenith at six in the afternoon and sets at midnight. The illuminated part has the shape of a semicircle. If we want our hair to grow faster and stronger then we will have to cut it at this stage.

It is also a great time to trim dry ends or split ends to improve the overall structure of the hair. It is advisable to cut your hair between noon and six in the afternoon when there is a progressive increase in the lunar attraction.

First quarter moon

Full moon (or full moon phase)

In this phase the totality of the lunar surface is illuminated and the complete circle is clearly visible. The moon rises at six in the afternoon, reaches its zenith at midnight and sets at six the next morning. It marks the exact half of the lunar month or lunation which lasts 14 days, 18 hours, 21 minutes and 36 seconds.

If our hair is very damaged, dry, dull and dull, this is the best time to make a radical cut: taking advantage of the full moon phase, in fact, our hair will grow more abundant, healthy, shiny and strong.

The cut should be done between six in the morning and noon, preferably one day before the full moon or the day this phase begins.

Last quarter

As in the case of the first quarter, only half of the moon is illuminated and visible, with the difference that this time the illuminated semicircle is the opposite of the first quarter. The moon rises at midnight, reaches its zenith at six in the morning and sets at noon. This is the period in which it is possible to observe the satellite even during the day.

If ours is a very thick and too voluminous hair, the last quarter represents the ideal time to cut our hair. In this way, our hair will grow more slowly and we will be able to maintain our look for longer. The cut should be performed between six in the morning and noon, when the lunar attraction decreases.

To know for sure what the moon phases of each month are, it is advisable to look at a lunar calendar.

waning moon moon phases

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