Decorate The Toilet Seat With Simple Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to give an elegant touch to your bathroom? We advise you to decorate the toilet seat based on our ideas.
Decorate the toilet seat with simple ideas

If you want to innovate your bathroom furniture, now is the time to be daring. Despite its practical function, the toilet can become a stylish object in just a few steps: just decorate the toilet seat with a little creativity.

In your dream home, even the bathroom elements must be perfect. For this reason, we suggest some innovative ideas to give personality and style to the bathroom. Here’s how to decorate the toilet seat to leave guests speechless.

How to decorate the toilet seat

1. Choose an original but practical material

Bathroom with blue tiles.
It is important to choose a suitable material to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing of the toilet.

The toilet must always be kept perfectly clean to avoid infections or the appearance of fungi. For this reason, it is important to choose the material that best lends itself to being decorated.

Most manufacturers opt for methacrylate, plastic, wood and porcelain tablets. There are also steel tablets; in other words, any smooth and waterproof material.

The variety of materials with which the tablet can be decorated may surprise you. Some of these options are not recommended as they are highly unsanitary, such as fabric or wool, although they can give a soft and warm effect.

2.The polyresin

Do you want to give a more tropical touch to the bathroom? How about decorating it with marine motifs? Polyresin (artificial resin) will definitely be for you.

With this material it is possible to recreate shells, sea stars, flowers and other motifs to add to the toilet seat. The manufacturer will print them on the tablet when the resin is still malleable and before it dries.

Another original idea ideal to make with polyresin is a mosaic on the tablet with fragments of tiles. This architectural technique was made famous by the well-known Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and create a geometric effect to the furniture. Definitely a great option to consider.

3. The innovative Japanese toilets

Toilet seat open.

If we talk about innovation and technology to sanitary ware, the pioneers are, as in almost all fields, the Japanese. Almost 80% of the Japanese population uses electronic toilets.

These toilets also have a built-in bidet, with the ability to adjust the water temperature, and even drying functions. An ecological option since it eliminates the use of toilet paper which unfortunately pollutes seas and rivers. And, of course, they are perfect for inserting an innovative piece of furniture in the bathroom.

Even if they cost more, they offer a whole series of advantages over traditional toilets: heated seat, automatic closing and opening, bidet function, customized water jets for cleaning and even night lights. An intriguing proposal that is making more and more space in the international market.

4. Decorate the toilet seat with wood

Wood is present in many domestic environments because it creates a comfortable environment, ideal for countering the coldness typical of the bathroom. This noble material offers an infinite number of uses, and can also be used as a tablet.

The first advantage is the pleasant sensation offered to the touch, much less cold than porcelain tablets. A benefit that should not be underestimated, especially on cold winter days.

Before buying a wooden tablet, however, you must make sure that it is of excellent quality, treated with varnish and lacquers that protect it from humidity. The tablet, in fact, is always in contact with water, which is why it is essential that it is well protected.

The market offers several options to customize the toilet seat. In addition to the ideas presented in this article, there are crochet decorations, stickers or custom designs.

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