DIY Shoe Cabinets With Simple Materials

Before buying a new shoe cabinet, try these ideas: they are practical and made with simple materials.
DIY shoe cabinets with simple materials

Whether it is to display shoes in a shop or to store them at home, shoe racks are always practical and beautiful to look at. Would you like to know how to build DIY shoe racks with few poor materials ?

There are different shapes, sizes and materials: shoe racks are not only used to store and quickly find shoes, they can also be a piece of furniture. 

The alternatives available to us are diverse and their simple structure makes DIY entirely possible. We suggest two materials: wood and cardboard. Just follow a few tricks and a few steps to create beautiful and functional DIY shoe racks .

DIY wooden shoe cabinets

1. Traditional shoe rack

Wooden shoe cabinet with flip flops

The first proposal requires a bit of dexterity. The classic shoe rack is a perfect piece of furniture to better organize small spaces, ideal for those who love to keep everything in order.

Of course, you will need to have or procure wooden boards and some DIY tools, such as screws and screwdrivers. Help from a friend doesn’t hurt either.

The number of boards depends on how many shelves the shoe cabinet will consist of. The length, of course, must take into account the space available. As for the width of the boards, we recommend about 25 cm, so that you can store any type of shoes.

  • Once you have procured the boards for the walls, first make rectangles from them which, screwed on the walls, will serve to support the shelves.
  • These rectangular supports must be screwed about 5 – 6 centimeters from the edge of the walls. They will serve as a base to support and divide the shelves from each other;
  • When arranging the vertical supports, remember to leave a gap of a few centimeters between the shelf and the next support.
  • Fastening them is simple: screw 4 screws in each corner.

2. Shoe cabinet with wooden boxes

Wooden crates, such as those for vegetables, have many creative uses. To create a shoe cabinet, simply stack or juxtapose them and then secure them.

  • The procedure is simple: first you need to prepare the cassettes. Eliminate any roughness with glass paper and reinforce them with a few nails where necessary. You can paint them as you like with the spray gun if you have one. A tip: if you leave some areas not colored, you will get a very nice rustic effect.
  • Start with a test, placing them in the chosen place. If you like the effect, proceed by fixing them with silicone. You can also add some on the back to make them stick to the wall.
  • Another tip: to get a more lively and aesthetic structure, place some horizontally and others vertically. To recover any spaces that are created, you can screw the boards that will be used to divide the boxes and create some more shelves.

DIY cardboard shoe cabinets

Large wooden shoe cabinet with shoes

In addition to the inevitable wood, cardboard can also be particularly versatile for this type of furniture. The next shoe cabinet consists of a series of triangular modules. Together, they will offer a space in which to arrange shoes individually.

You will need to get some medium sized cardboard boxes, newspaper, silicone, vinyl glue, masking tape and paint.

Proceed as follows:

  • Cut out 45 × 30 centimeters cardboard rectangles.  On the longer side, mark the middle and from this calculate 7.5 cm per side. Create two folds to form a triangle (therefore separated by 15 centimeters from each other). Join the ends with silicone to form a triangle; secure everything with the adhesive paper tape.
  • Create other triangles, of equal size. Remember that the width should be about 30 centimeters.
  • Once you have the desired number of units, glue the triangles together and the bases with silicone.
  • Mix equal amounts of vinyl glue and water and use it to glue the newspaper sheets to the cardboard. You can do this even before gluing the triangles on the individual modules.
  • Let it dry for a few days; completed with one or more coats of colored varnish. You can also leave the newspaper exposed: the effect is not bad.

Seen? You can make DIY shoe racks from a few recycled materials. If you don’t have them at home, it won’t be difficult to find them around. Unleash your creativity and furnish your home with personal items.

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