Don’t Hold Back Your Tears In Difficult Times: Benefits

Crying helps us feel better, even if the problem doesn’t go away immediately. It is a medicine for the heart, which is why we should not hold back tears when we are sad.
Don't hold back your tears in difficult times: benefits

Tears are an outlet for our body. It is a way to take care of emotions, so that they do not remain repressed within us and stagnate in the form of stress, frustration, anxiety, pain, sadness. Learning not to hold back tears in difficult times is important: let’s see what the benefits are.

The main function of tears is to protect the eyes from irritation and free them from foreign bodies. In a metaphorical sense, they are necessary to keep us healthy and free us from stress; they are a sign of courage, strength and authenticity.

When we feel overwhelmed by emotions, crying can be a healthy emotional release. Let’s see why  not holding back tears  in difficult times is important.

Three types of tears

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Tears protect the eyes, lubricating them and eliminating irritants; they reduce stress hormones and contain antibodies that fight microbes. You must know that there are three types of tears.

  • Reflex tears: they protect us in situations of danger to the eyes. They contain antibodies and allow you to expel harmful and irritating particles, such as smoke, gas or dust.
  • Basal tears: they are produced constantly and serve to keep the eyes lubricated. This type of liquid contains a substance called lysozyme which acts as a bactericide, protecting the eye from infection.
  • Emotional tears: These are caused by intense feelings such as happiness or sadness. This third type of tear offers particular health benefits, as it eliminates stress hormones and toxins.

Discover the benefits of not holding back tears in difficult times

We offer you more than one reason why we shouldn’t hold back tears in difficult times. Take note!

1. They help and connect with others

Sometimes we would rather not reveal our emotions, especially to certain friends, and when we feel like crying. Instead, crying is the best way to get closer to the other person.

If you need to cry and feel comfortable enough with the person next to you, just do it. Undoubtedly, friends who matter will appreciate your heartfelt tears.

2. They release tension

You can’t keep hiding your feelings forever. Taking on this baggage of tension hurts your mental balance.

In this sense, it is best to shed tears at the appropriate time.

While it will not solve the problem, it does help to see things in another perspective and, why not, to find a solution.

3. They help manage stress

Emotions don’t always follow a logic. So letting them flow, even through crying, can help you understand the real reason behind the tears. 

Being more aware of the problem that imposes itself on your attention helps to find an antidote to the stress it produces.

4. They improve the mood

Crying is certainly a great way to improve your mood in difficult times. This way we can relieve the pain caused by repressed emotions.

Proof of this is the fact that, after shedding a few tears, we generally feel better.

5. They allow us to change our point of view

Girl with tear on her face

Sometimes when we cry we feel more aware of our weaknesses.

This helps to address the problems and, moreover, to find a different and more appropriate perspective to the difficult situation we are experiencing.

6. They are healthy

Crying isn’t just about releasing emotions. It is an expression mechanism that reduces anxiety and depression.

On a chemical level, it stimulates the production of feel-good hormones that reduce manganese levels. An excess of this mineral salt can cause fatigue, irritability and depression.

7. They restore emotional balance

Tears aren’t just a response to a sad event. They also accompany moments of happiness, fear or stress.

Whatever the underlying emotion is, they always help restore emotional balance.

8. They help to grow

If you are able to remain true to yourself by addressing your vulnerabilities, you are making progress. Remember, crying contains personal growth.

Not indulging in it means living with an intolerable burden of tension.

Let’s leave the old-fashioned and false idea of ​​crying behind. Not holding back tears in difficult times is healthy because it helps to make emotions clearer, be it sadness or happiness.

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