Ear Plugs: How To Remove Them Naturally

Thanks to the olive oil, you will be able to soften the cork and, after several applications, it will naturally be expelled from the auditory duct.
Earwax plugs: how to remove them naturally

The external auditory canal is regularly blocked following the accumulation of secretion unpleasant smelling, what is commonly referred to as “Ear plugs” . As a result, our hearing abilities decrease and if we don’t treat the problem quickly, this condition can even end up perforating the eardrum. 

This phenomenon occurs as a cold or an allergy.  Then the levels of nasal secretion increase. If you want to effectively remove earwax plugs, keep reading this article.

Natural methods that help remove earwax plugs

There are a large number of natural solutions for ear wax plugs. In fact, to combat this frequent and unwanted phenomenon, below we list the best secrets and methods that nature offers us:

Infusion of antiseptic plants

The best plant in this case is chamomile. After boiling a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers in a cup of water, let the infusion rest for about ten minutes (cover the cup so that the essential oils of the plant are preserved). Afterwards, pour the infusion and wash your ears with the liquid obtained.

Infusion based on elderberry and euphrasia

This infusion is recommended in case of plugs associated with phlegm formation. Before preparing the infusion, you must keep the flowers of both plants in an airtight container to store in a dark place. Then, boil the plants in water and let them sit for ten minutes.

Try to drink 3 cups of this tea per day (after each meal).

Olive oil

earwax plugs

This is a simple method, which consists in heating some olive oil  until it is lukewarm. After that, it must be introduced into the ear drop by drop to soften the earwax plug. This treatment can take a few days, after which the plug will come out of the ear canal on its own.

Infusion based on echinacea

This is the indicated treatment in case of infection. In fact, echinacea is a plant with natural antibiotic properties. The procedure for making the infusion is identical to those described so far and it must be drunk two to three times a day.

Final conclusions

We must not forget that ear wax  in the ears is a defense mechanism that our body implements. However, it is recommended that these earplugs be removed once a month to avoid blockages in the ducts.

Although their use is widespread,  try not to introduce any cotton swabs into the ear canals. In fact, they have a tendency to make ear wax harder and push it towards the inside of the ear, putting the eardrum at risk.

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