Eliminate The Smell Of Fish From The Kitchen

Getting the fishy smell out of cooking can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several tricks that help us in this task. Discover them!
Eliminate the fishy smell from the kitchen

After a delicious dinner of sea bass, tuna, sardines and other fish, comes the hardest part: eliminating the fishy smell from the kitchen. Its strong smell, in fact, tends to spread throughout the house. What can we do to avoid it?

If you are a lover of this food, you certainly don’t have to stop cooking it to avoid the annoying smell after cooking. Several tricks can help us neutralize the smell of fish and prevent it from becoming a problem. We present them in the following lines.

How to get rid of the fishy smell from the kitchen

Nowadays there are numerous chemicals available to eliminate bad smells from the kitchen in seconds. However, we invite you to resort to solutions of natural origin which, thanks to their pleasant aroma, offer good results.

1. Dip the fillets in the milk

Salmon steaks.
Soaking fish in milk before cooking is a simple trick to prevent the smell from spreading throughout the kitchen.

To prevent the spread of unpleasant odors, we can use a simple milk-based trick before cooking the fish. 

What to do?

  • About 30 minutes before cooking the fish, place it in a container containing plenty of milk.
  • Thanks to this simple measure, you will prevent the smell from spreading throughout the kitchen.

2. Coffee beans

Coffee beans are a natural air freshener. Just like the drink we get from them, they have a strong aroma capable of neutralizing unpleasant odors, such as that left in the kitchen by fish.

What to do?

  • When the smell of fish invades the kitchen, roast several coffee beans.
  • Within a few minutes, the unpleasant odor will be gone.

3. White vinegar to eliminate the fishy smell

White vinegar is a great product for neutralizing the strongest odors. As indicated by an article published in the  Journal of Food Science , it has antimicrobial properties, therefore it helps disinfect surfaces.

What to do?

  • If an unpleasant odor persists after cooking fish, boil a cup of white vinegar in two cups of water.
  • Leave the solution uncovered to allow the vapors to eliminate the fishy smell.
  • Avoid throwing it away, but pour it into a container equipped with a nebulizer and use it for cleaning floors, worktops and pans.

4. Citrus peels to eliminate the fishy smell

Eliminating the fishy smell: man cutting an orange into slices.
The aroma of some citrus fruits neutralizes the strong fishy smell present in the kitchen.

The aroma of citrus fruits is also suitable for eliminating the smell of fish from the kitchen. The essential oils contained in the peels of these fruits release a strong aroma which, as evidenced by an article published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences , also has a relaxing effect.

What to do?

  • Cut the peel of citrus fruits into several parts (for example, oranges and lemons).
  • Put them in a pot containing plenty of water.
  • Put them to boil without a lid so that the vapors eliminate the bad smell.
  • If necessary, repeat the operation.

5. Cinnamon sticks to eliminate the fishy smell in the kitchen

The smell of cinnamon is very effective against bad odors; it is no coincidence that this spice is often present in commonly used cleaning products. When you want to neutralize the smell of fish, you can also use it in its natural state.

What to do?

  • Boil two or three cups of water with several cinnamon sticks.
  • Cook over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes, so that the vapors have enough time to diffuse into the kitchen.
  • Alternatively we can bake the cinnamon sticks in the oven. The released aroma will eliminate the fishy smell within a few minutes.

Are you going to cook some fish? The next time you do it, keep in mind these tricks to prevent the bad smell from causing any inconvenience. If you know of other useful methods to prevent this problem, do not hesitate and share them with us.

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