Evening: The Eight Foods That Should Be Avoided

Even if eating dark chocolate is good for our memory and is useful for keeping our brain in shape, it is however not recommended in the evening since, in addition to fats, it contains caffeine.
Evening: the eight foods that should be avoided

Eating certain foods in the evening is associated with being overweight and having difficulty falling asleep for many people.

It is precisely at this moment of the day that our body prepares to rest and to perform certain functions that it cannot perform during the day.

When the body is overloaded with too heavy foods, certain difficulties arise that can alter the metabolism and the secretion of hormones responsible for restful sleep.

In addition to this, various disorders can occur, such as gastric reflux, or when gastric juices rise towards the throat and cause stomach acid.

To avoid these problems, it is always advisable to have a light dinner, possibly two or three hours before bedtime.

Furthermore, in these last hours of the day, we should avoid taking all those foods that make digestion more difficult.

Let’s find out what they are!

What foods to avoid in the evening

1. The pasta

pasta with sauce

Pasta is one of the foods that we should never have for dinner; although easy and quick to prepare, it is rich in carbohydrates that will turn into fat as soon as we go to sleep.

Fats make digestion difficult and slow down the metabolism, preventing it from functioning properly.

2. The pizza

Even though it is a very heavy food to digest, pizza is one of the most eaten foods in the evening.

Despite being delicious, in fact, it is difficult to digest, especially during the few hours we have available before going to sleep.

In addition, it is often accompanied by ingredients with a high acidity index, which cause digestive difficulties.

3. Candies

candies and sugars

Consuming confectionery not only significantly increases blood sugar levels, but could also be associated with a greater propensity for nightmares.

In fact, it has been proven that both fats and sugar directly affect brain waves, which could cause bad dreams.

For this reason, if we want to spend a peaceful and quiet night, sleeping without interruptions, the ideal will be to avoid sweets and candies in the evening.

4. Red meats

It is not recommended to completely eliminate red meats from our diet, as they are a great source of protein and iron.

However, it is best to avoid eating it in the evening, as it  slows digestion, causing restless sleep.

5. Fizzy drinks

sugary drinks

Carbonated drinks, in general, should always be avoided, but they are especially not recommended in the evening: they usually contain a high amount of sugar and other substances that cause stomach acid.

Gastric acid damages the valves that connect the stomach with the esophagus and thus produces gastric reflux and severe gastric disturbances. 

6. Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and it is recommended to consume it in small quantities to keep the brain and memory in good shape.

On the other hand, dark chocolate contains a significant amount of caffeine and other stimulants that could keep our brains awake much longer than they should.

7. The cheeses

fatty cheeses

All dishes that contain cheese should be eaten, if possible, during the first part of the day.

This is due to the high fat content of the cheese, which makes digestion difficult and promotes the production of acid in the stomach.

Choosing dishes that contain large amounts of cheese for dinner is not a good idea because our night’s rest can be compromised by difficult digestion.

8. Spicy sauces

Spicy sauces in general are not bad for your health if taken in small quantities and, above all, if accompanied by other foods that are rich in nutrients.

The problem arises when we eat them in the evening, a few hours before going to sleep, given their high caloric index and high content of slow-digesting carbohydrates.

Certainly, after reading this article, many of you will be wondering what are, then, the foods that can be eaten in the evening, during dinner.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to opt for a dinner based on fruit, vegetables and whole grains, all foods that promote digestion and help induce sleep.

It can also be useful to drink some infusions with relaxing and calming properties  such as, for example, chamomile, valerian or lavender infusion.

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