Everything You May Not Know About Eggs

It is recommended to always wash foods before cooking them, except in the case of eggs, so as not to damage the shell.
Anything you may not know about eggs

Do you already know all the properties of eggs? It is a very common ingredient in nutrition, as it has a high content of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins.

These nutrients cannot be produced by the body, so we must supply them through our diet, also because they have a low calorie level.

This food is indispensable in some groups with specific needs, such as adolescents, pregnant women, the elderly and vegetarians and for people who follow low-calorie diets.

We show you a list with the properties of eggs that you probably don’t know yet.

The color of the eggs

The color is given by the type of hen that lays the eggs, since if the hen is brown the egg will be dark and if the hen is white the shell will be white. It is a genetic factor.

How to know if an egg is fresh

Egg white

Contrary to what some people think, recognizing if an egg is fresh is very easy : you just have to immerse it in water and see if it does not float, then it is fresh.

How to prepare an egg in a healthy way

When we fry an egg we add a lot of fats that alter the properties of the egg, unbalancing the fats and natural properties it contains;

the ideal would be to cook it for 10 minutes, then do it hard, so as not to alter any of its properties.

The yolk

Fried egg

You will have noticed that sometimes some yolks are lighter than others, this is due to the feeding that the hen receives, whether free-range or farmed.

The egg when pregnant

It is very important to consume it at this stage, since it is essential for the development of the baby’s brain during gestation thanks to its high choline content.

Benefits of eggs for adults and the elderly

In adults, eggs have the following benefits: they prevent the loss of vision that occurs over the years; it also helps prevent muscle degeneration and reduce the occurrence of cataracts.

Egg production and consumption

Breeding eggs

Approximately 1.2 trillion eggs are produced annually. An average person consumes roughly 173 eggs per year and, incredible as it may seem, 40% of world production is consumed in China.

How many eggs does a hen make

We have always wondered how many eggs a hen lays, and this is the answer: on average a hen can lay 250 to 270 eggs per year, although there are special cases in which it exceeds 300 eggs per year.

Egg size

Many times we don’t know why an egg is big or not; this depends on the age of the hen, as the older it is, the greater the chances of the egg being larger in size.

How long can an egg last

Beat eggs

Vitamins are also present in the egg white, even if 90% of its weight is made up of water.

The egg can be consumed when you prefer, as long as this does not exceed ten weeks, since after this period of time it is better not to consume this food.

Can eggs be washed?

It is not recommended to wash them, as this practice damages the shell, which works as a barrier against the entry of microorganisms that can damage the product and cause diseases.

If you have to wash them you can do it, but an hour before preparing them, to avoid any alteration.

Can you eat an egg if there are cracks?

It is not recommended, since the cracks allow the passage of microorganisms that can cause diseases.

Sometimes the cracks can be so small that we are not aware of their presence, so we must be very careful when we consume them, in order to avoid damage.

Remember …

Adding an extra egg to our diet will not cause any negative effects on our body, we just have to be careful about how we prepare it, since that is the only factor that could create alterations.

A great example can be that of a boiled egg versus an egg fried in butter. Which do you think will cause the most inconvenience? Obviously the second! Don’t give up on having delicious eggs for breakfast!

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