Fifties, A Wonderful Age For Women

Turning fifty does not have to be traumatic: it is that age that allows us to enjoy the maturity and the company of those around us.
Fifty, a wonderful age for women

Our society loves stereotypes and labels; we often hear about the crisis of forty and the feared arrival of the fifties, a complicated age for women.

Fifty years are a phase in which new aspects must be faced, such as the onset of menopause.

Well, let’s clarify a concept right away: any age can be fantastic, as long as our attitude is strong, courageous and enthusiastic.

The fifties were an age wonderful, eventful.

This may be why many women consider them a second adolescence. Because of the hormonal and personal changes that you go through, it may seem like you’re on a roller coaster, it is true, but with your seat belt fastened, your mind clear and your heart full of hope.

The fifty are not the new twenty-five: they are fifty and are carried with pride

The forty is the new twenty and the fifty is the new twenty-five .” Here is another cliché that is often heard and which, in a sense, tends to create more than a misunderstanding.

  • The fifties are not and never will be twenty-five, because the woman, having reached this age, is happy for everything she has lived and learned. . He doesn’t need to prove twenty of them and he doesn’t want to, because he has the armor of experience.
  • Another important aspect: when it comes to this age, those who can accept themselves are happier. It is important to look after yourself, to still feel attractive, but a woman in her fifties does not need to look like a girl. Desiring it and following this dream leads to intense suffering.
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The fifties and the hormonal storms

Karen Glaser, a sociologist at King’s College London, talks about an increasingly common phenomenon.

  • Women are having children later and later and it is not uncommon for children to be adolescents by the time they reach 50.
  • To the process of menopause, with all its changes, disorders, hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings, is also added the interaction with a teenage son who is experiencing the same hormonal storm.

The difficulty, the ability to harmonize these realities often requires textbook experience.

Every woman experiences this stage in a subjective way but, in general, facing 50 is not like sleeping in a bed of roses.

It is right to feel beautiful, however the drop in estrogen is a reality and brings with it tiredness, less toned skin and body, white and less full-bodied hair.

It’s a little daily struggle. That’s why the 50 isn’t the new 25; many women have to deal with children who are not yet mature, while addressing their problems and their own.

At fifty, doubts are clarified and certainties appear

Currently, for many women on the threshold of 50, a difficult and drastic path begins: divorce.

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  • Starting a new phase of life, alone or with children, is very common in recent decades. It is a critical situation because we do not always have sufficient financial means but, in some way, we succeed.
  • At this age there are no longer any doubts, but the certainty of what one is, what one wants and deserves. It is the armor of experience, which we talked about earlier, that fosters it and makes us feel safer.
  • It is time to trust your intuition, to undertake new personal projects that may or may not be successful, but which must be carried out with conviction.

At the age of fifty, priorities begin to be re-evaluated.

Ten years earlier, the priorities were the couple and children, but when you reach the age of 50, an important personal space opens up.

Everything regains balance in our mind and, in the end, self-esteem and all those dreams that we had put aside blossom with greater strength.

Flowers by the sea

Perhaps right now you will feel like a ripe fruit, a little bruised from negative experiences; do not forget, however, that these fruits are always sweeter than unripe ones.

Whatever your age, don’t forget that the best time is “now”.

For this reason never stop taking care of yourself, loving yourself, fighting for your dreams and needs. Offer happiness and receive it from those around you.

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