Foods Rich In Biotin: Allies Of Beauty

Foods rich in biotin are essential for the beauty and health of skin, nails and hair. Let’s get to know them.
Foods rich in biotin: allies of beauty

We are always looking for new allies for beauty and today we want to talk to you about biotin. It is a B vitamin that must not be missing in the diet of those who care about their physical appearance. So let’s see what foods rich in biotin are and what this substance is used for.

It is like all other vitamins: essential for our body. For example, if you start to notice more hair loss or your nails break easily, it could be a biotin deficiency.

This vitamin is water-soluble, so it is easily absorbed because it dissolves in water. If we increase the consumption of foods rich in biotin, the result will show itself in no time. Furthermore, a correct intake helps regulate digestive and cardiovascular function.

Foods rich in biotin, useful not only for beauty

Biotin intervenes in various physiological processes, which is why it is important to avoid a deficit. Foods rich in biotin:

  • They stimulate the production of hemoglobin, a substance that carries red blood cells and, consequently, also oxygen. If your hemoglobin values ​​are low, don’t hesitate to increase your consumption.
  • They facilitate the transformation of glucose into energy by regulating blood sugar. In this way, they help fight cardiovascular diseases.
  • They facilitate digestion and help metabolize carbohydrates and fats better. 

Biotin and beauty

We relentlessly search for the secret of beauty and, often, the resources are found in nature or in our body. Biotin is a vitamin to be taken every day, between 15 and 100 mg, through food or supplements.

It is ideal for strengthening hair and nails, but also for keeping the skin younger. It helps prevent psoriasis and dermatitis because it stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens tissues, including muscle ones.

Biotin and hair

Smiling blonde woman
Foods rich in biotin protect the health of the skin and hair.

When you start consuming biotin-rich foods or supplements on a regular basis, your hair gets stronger and grows faster. They will also be brighter and more voluminous.

At the same time, they curb hair loss and help fight dandruff. For this reason, biotin is part of the composition of many hair products.

Biotin and the skin

It is not possible to apply this vitamin to the skin in the form of a cream. It must be taken on a regular basis through food; you will feel softer and more hydrated skin.

Helps fight seborrheic dermatitis and any other ailments that make the skin look ugly and dull. It strengthens the nail cells, helping them to grow strong and long.

Foods rich in biotin

There are many foods that contain biotin. For a healthy diet, always include:

Meat and fish

Bovine liver is among the meats with the highest biotin content, as well as providing zinc, iron and essential mineral salts. Remember, however, that it is not advisable to overdo the meat. You can eat liver, for example, once a week.

For fish, on the other hand, opt for salmon which also offers the other B vitamins (B3, B6 and B12). It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are valuable for cardiovascular health.


Foods rich in biotin, eggs
Among the foods rich in biotin, eggs are distinguished by the high amount of vitamins of the B complex.

Egg yolk is a rich source of biotin. Don’t hesitate to eat even one a day. Eggs also contain vitamin D, which is useful for preventing vision and muscle disorders.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is great for health. In addition to containing 28 mcg of biotin per 100 g, it provides fatty acids, proteins and fibers, substances that protect heart health.


Peas are especially rich in them: one hectogram contains 40 mcg of biotin if they are fresh and 70 mcg when dry.

Lentils are another great option; they contain the same amounts of biotin and promote proper digestion.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds, foods rich in biotin
Rich in vitamins and minerals, sunflower seeds are a good source of biotin.

Eaten to stop hunger or in salads, they are rich in antioxidants and magnesium. 100 grams of these delicious seeds provide 55 mcg of biotin.


They are one of the few fruits to contain biotin. A one-pound banana can contain 118 mcg. They also provide fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B6 and C.


Cereals, honey and berries
Consume red fruits and cereals often, as they are rich in biotin.

Many of the most common grains are rich in biotin. For example, rice bran provides 66 mcg of this vitamin per 100 g. The same amount of oats contains 24 mcg and barley 31 mcg.

Other foods to consider include avocados, green leafy vegetables, red fruits and tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and carrots. 

As you can see, there are many foods rich in biotin that can help us take care of our health and beauty. Consult your nutritionist if you have any health problems and include them in your diet.

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