Grow Tomatoes And Have A Continuous Production

Growing tomatoes is very easy. With a few slices of tomato, you can obtain a plant that will give you satisfaction and enrich your salads with taste and substance.
Grow tomatoes and have continuous production

Did you know that with only four slices of tomato you can obtain a plant that will allow you to be self-sufficient? Growing tomatoes at home is not difficult at all: here’s how to have unlimited production.

In addition to being tasty and a basic ingredient for many preparations, the tomato is a fruit (it is, being the part of the plant that contains the seeds) with many properties for our health.

Just think of the contribution of vitamins A, C and K, as well as mineral salts such as iron and potassium.

At the same time it is a vegetable rich in fiber – a feature that makes it useful against constipation – and has diuretic properties. It has a positive effect on blood circulation and skin health.

With its healthful effects and many uses, the tomato is one of the most popular fruits. If you are of this opinion too, you will be interested in knowing how to grow tomatoes and obtain a continuous production starting from a few slices.

How to get a continuous tomato production?

With only four slices of tomato and a few coins, you can make a small homemade tomato production. That’s how.


Grow tomatoes indoors

The first thing to do is, of course, fill a jar with earth. Then cut four thin slices of tomato, placing them directly on the soil, preferably a little separated.

This way you will be sure that the seeds continue to adhere to the earth.

Before continuing, a piece of advice: in order not to waste a tomato, you can very well take one that has passed the maturation or even one to throw away.

This, in fact, will not prevent you from getting a healthy seedling.

Now cover the tomato slices with another layer of earth. Not too much, so the seedlings will sprout quickly.

Growth should begin a few weeks later. Once you have the sprouts, all you have to do is transplant the seedlings into single pots or directly into the earth if you have a vegetable garden.

The goal is to keep them from competing for nutrients and discard the less strong plants.

What care does the tomato require?

From the moment of sowing, the tomato plant needs to be watered every day, especially at the beginning and in the early stages of growth. When it starts to bear fruit, it will be better to reduce irrigation a little in order to obtain more concentrated and tasty fruits. Of course, you must avoid drying or wilting the plant.

The transplant carried out as soon as the seedlings are sprouted is very important. The roots need enough space to spread out.

Remember: this type of plant needs sunshine to grow healthy. It will therefore be placed in the brightest point of the balcony.

The substrate, in order to obtain a continuous tomato production, must be an organic soil. Nitrogen is essential; here are some ways to enrich your small vegetable garden:

  • Add some compost.
  • Add some coffee or nitrogen-fixing plants, such as beans.
  • Remove the top layer of earth and add earthworm humus.

It is worth mentioning once again the need for sunlight. For this reason, it is not a good idea to cover the earth with leaves from other plants, as is often done. 

If you decide to do this, since it is still a practical way to conserve soil moisture, do it after it has received a good dose of sunshine.

Advantages of growing tomatoes indoors

Bunch of tomatoes

Growing tomatoes at home is an activity that, in addition to being a good way to enter the world of gardening, contributes to a healthy, organic and balanced family diet.

The tomato, as we have said, is a very nutritious fruit.

The economic aspect is also a good incentive : especially in winter, tomatoes tend to be quite expensive. So, all the better to take it from our garden, which will have to be well repaired.

But above all it is a nice pastime and a good way to teach your children values ​​such as responsibility, savings, a healthy lifestyle.

From every point of view, growing tomatoes at home can only bring benefits.

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