Habits That Damage The Kidneys, Do You Recognize Them?

Replace animal proteins and carbonated drinks with vegetable proteins and natural juices or water to avoid circulatory problems and kidney failure.
Habits that damage the kidneys, do you recognize them?

The kidneys are vital organs of the body. They are a wonderful and sophisticated purification machine that filters many liters of blood every day, thus separating about two liters of waste and excess water. It is therefore necessary to take care of them and keep them healthy. Do we do it right or do we have habits that damage the kidneys?

What mistakes do you usually make every day?

What are the habits that damage the kidneys

1. Drink a little water

habits that damage the kidneys

For sure you already knew this, but stop and think: how many glasses of water do you usually drink per day? Keep in mind that not hydrating properly is one of the habits that damage your kidneys over time.

Their main function is precisely to drain the body’s metabolic waste, thus balancing the number of erythrocytes in the body. If we don’t, if we don’t drink enough water, kidney flow decreases and toxins build up in the blood.

You can avoid this by drinking between one and a half and two liters of water. If you struggle, if you find that you are unable to drink the recommended amount, add a squeeze of lemon. It will be more pleasant.

2. Retain urine


We’ve all done it sometime, holding back the urge to go to the bathroom simply because we’re busy. Yet this is one of the habits that damage the kidneys. How long have you been holding your urine in those moments when your body was telling you that you should go? An hour? Two?

You should know that when we have a bladder full of urine for a prolonged time, complications can arise in the urinary tract, such as hypertrophy, hydronephrosis (increased urine pressure in the kidneys), or other diseases that we could have easily avoided. Always remember this.

3. Bad eating habits


3.1 Consuming too much sodium

The main source of sodium, as we already know, is salt. However, why is it one of the most harmful habits that damage the kidneys? What it mainly causes is that the kidneys work in excess. They have to expel it and this causes stress in the long run, leading to various problems. So reduce, or even eliminate, the salt from your dishes.

3.2 Too much animal protein

Animal proteins are very bad for the kidneys, as well as any high-fat food. Gradually they find it difficult to perform their function, preventing the blood filtering from happening adequately. Try to limit them or replace animal-based proteins with plant-based proteins to the extent possible.

3.3 Carbonated drinks

Fizzy drinks are very bad for kidney health and, unfortunately, they are consumed a lot by people, especially the younger ones.  It is recommended. therefore, to limit them in your diet or simply avoid them. In the long run they produce chronic kidney failure or stones.

3.4 Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco cause an excess of toxins in the body;  they are harmful substances that make the kidneys sick and prevent them from carrying out their functions. Always avoid them if you can and, above all, avoid them if you also suffer from hypertension or diabetes.

3.5 Avoid genetically modified foods

We know that sometimes we cannot know the origin of everything we eat : transgenic corn, fruit or vegetables, adulterated meats as a result of the diet to which animals are subjected so that they grow faster … these are terrible factors of which sometimes we are not aware of and very harmful to the kidneys.

Always try to buy organic foods whose origin you know, natural and healthy foods that cannot harm you.

4. High blood pressure


Hypertension causes very clear damage to kidney function. Blood flows into the kidneys differently, toxin filtration is not produced in the same way and, little by little, the kidneys atrophy until, eventually, a fairly serious kidney problem can arise.

It doesn’t cost anything to check your blood pressure regularly in order to keep it under control. Your doctor should always be aware of these types of checks.

5. The use of drugs


We must try to control the intake of drugs as far as possible as they are elements that seriously damage the kidneys.

They make their function difficult and cause long-term negative effects. It is a complicated issue because it is clear that when one takes drugs it is not for pleasure, but out of necessity. However, there are some that are less aggressive to the kidneys and so you can ask your doctor to consider them.

6. A sedentary life

to walk

How many hours a day are you sitting? Don’t underestimate it.  A sedentary lifestyle gradually damages not only the health of the kidneys, but many other basic functions that, without knowing it, can make us sick.

Lack of physical activity, in fact, causes many kidney problems that can easily be avoided by moving a little more, for example by going out for walking and cycling. Think about it!

Furthermore, if you practice a little sport with a friend or family member, it will certainly be much easier for you. Your kidneys will thank you and remember… don’t forget to bring a bottle of water.

* Try to improve your lifestyle and nutritional habits as much as possible. Small changes in your diet can do a lot for the health of your kidneys: drink water, avoid salt and foods that are high in fat and sugar, and above all consult your doctor for routine checks.

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