Hair Removal: Is It Good To Wax?

While it has numerous advantages, one disadvantage of waxing is that, if not applied properly, the hair may become ingrown and grow backwards.
Hair removal: is it good to wax?

Hair removal with wax, also known as ” waxing ” is one of the most used aesthetic methods. For the uninitiated, this technique simply consists in extracting the hair under the skin surface, managing to eradicate it from the follicle.

Despite the different techniques that exist and have developed, waxing continues to be the preferred one as its effects are the longest lasting and its application the simplest.

Below we see the pros and cons of this widespread depilatory technique. Let’s see if waxing is good or has contraindications.

The technique for waxing

Application of the wax

The wax is melted first and then a layer is applied to the skin. They wait a few seconds for it to start to harden and then, with the help of a strip of particular fabric, it is removed by ripping it off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

The temperature of the wax cannot exceed 42ÂșC, as this melts immediately and can cause burns on the skin.

Wax depilation varies from woman to woman, depending on the type of hair and its growth. However, it is recommended that you wax every three weeks. It is important to take some precautions immediately after waxing, such as avoiding immediate sun exposure or applying products that contain irritable substances.

After shaving, the skin can feel red, sore and sore. Despite this, it is absolutely normal and there are post-depilatory creams that give relief to the treated area within a few minutes.

You have to pay attention to the hygiene and quality of the products offered by the beauty centers you go to for hair removal. Furthermore, even in one’s own homes it is important to have disinfected tools and a clean and tidy space, just as it is necessary to clean the skin beforehand. This way you will avoid infections or accidents.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

There are different types of skin, so wax is not the same for all people. This technique has advantages and disadvantages.


  • The wax has a lasting effect as it is applied only once a month or a maximum of two, letting the skin rest and making the hair grow without cutting interruptions like the razor blade which makes the skin more exposed to irritation.
  • Another benefit is the feeling of silky and healthy skin, as the hair is pulled directly from the root, leaving flawless skin.
  • Other than that, it is an economical and effective method. Nowadays it can be practiced in different ways, as there is hot, warm or cold wax for different skin types and tastes.


  • The first disadvantage of wax is that its application can be very painful for some people. However, the skin quickly gets used to regular hair removal and the pain takes a back seat.
  • Wax can cause hair to grow back if not applied correctly. Also, irritation or allergy may be more common in some people.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, ripping off the wax can cause bruising or small marks.

Some final tips

Depilatory cream
  • Clean and dry the skin previously.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun either before or immediately after hair removal.
  • The skin must be clean and dry.
  • Know your skin type well to choose the most suitable type of wax for you.
  • Shave every three weeks or once a month.
  • Moisturize the skin after hair removal. Aloe vera is very effective.

Proper wax depilation is very effective and recommended. Despite modern techniques, such as laser hair removal, waxing continues to be used by most people, because natural products and simple methods are always preferable.

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