Healing A Knee Injury With Helpful Tips

To heal from a knee injury, or in any case not to aggravate it, you must maintain a healthy weight so as not to overload the joints.
Heal from a knee injury with helpful tips

Knee injury is one of the most frequent problems among athletes, not just professionals. Trauma to the ligaments are very common and, in the worst case, rupture of the meniscus. Read the tips we present in this article to prevent or recover from a knee injury.

We share with you the most effective tips to recover knee mobility thanks to some natural methods and correct habits. Find out how to recover from a knee injury in a short time.

An optimistic rehabilitation

Bend your knees
When we incur a knee injury, we are also forced to slow down our daily pace and put aside many important activities. If this situation continues over time, it can cause despondency and even depression. Will we ever heal? It is very important to keep a positive attitude.
The state of mind in the face of adversity, vitality and fighting spirit are factors that will help us a lot during rehabilitation. The mental battle against negative thoughts is long, as a full recovery can take up to 6 months, depending on the injury, especially if surgery on the ligaments or meniscus has been required.
Any stimulus that helps us not to fall into despair is a good choice. We have to rely on family, partner or friends. It is essential to have a goal and to strive step by step to complete the stages of rehabilitation.

Tips for treating and healing a knee injury

If we have inflammation or if a movement causes us discomfort or pain, it is good to intervene as soon as possible. Many injuries could be avoided if we paid attention to the signals the body sends us.

1. Warm up the area

Joint pain

The knees are greatly affected by changes in temperature in cold weather, so pain and inflammation can be greatly alleviated by applying heat directly to the affected area. This is possible through massage, hot water bottle, thermal blankets, moxa and so on.

Although cold should be applied in the moment after the injury to avoid inflammation and pain, afterwards the affected area is heated a little every day. We will notice great improvements and speed up the healing process.

2. Be careful when bending the knee

The more weight we apply, the more tension the menisci and ligaments will have to withstand. One of their functions is to cushion the load between the tibia and the femur, which occurs when we bend the knees.

For this reason, we must  pay attention to the posture we adopt when squatting and then lifting heavy objects. Instead of leaning the torso forward while keeping the legs straight, we should keep the spine erect, to descend and rise.

3. The importance of footwear

Another weak point that worsens the health of our knees is the use of poor shoes. If we suffer from knee problems, we must choose the shoes that best suit our needs.

Shoes that are very high or with a sole that is too inclined forward result in an unnatural step. As a result, it is not only the knees that suffer from it, but also the back. Flat and stiff shoes are also not recommended.

4. Neuromuscular bandage

Until a few years ago there was only one type of bandage to immobilize the knee during rehabilitation. Today, however, we can also count on the neuromuscular bandage (or Kine Tape ). This bandages help prevent and heal from knee injury differently.

Thanks to these bandages with characteristic bright colors, the movement is partially limited, while respecting the mobility of the knee, and in the meantime a micro-massage is performed. In addition, they offer security and support.

5. Choose the most suitable sport

Some sporting activities are not recommended when you want to prevent or heal a knee injury. Overloading the menisci should be avoided with high-impact sports, which involve jumping or continually spinning the knees.

However, knee injury can very often be associated with a displacement of the spine at the lumbar or pelvic level. For this reason, we must also strengthen the abdominal muscles and do some stretching every week.

Finally, it is very important to be followed up by specialists, as these bruises can become chronic. A knee injury, if not treated properly, can worsen our quality of life and limit our movement.

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