High Heels: 7 Tips To Wear Them Without Suffering

These little tricks will allow you to wear shoes with heels, without hurting your feet.
High heels: 7 tips to wear them without suffering

Many women love high heels and say they are comfortable with it. Others, while adoring them, prefer to give them up to avoid the well-known consequences.

Of course, the feet are not anatomically suitable for walking in high heels . Or rather, heels are not suitable for our feet and can cause a variety of problems such as pain, back pain, blisters, calluses or swollen feet.

Thanks to these tricks you can enjoy your shoes with high heels, eliminating or decreasing any inconvenience for the feet. Don’t miss them!

7 ways to avoid suffering from high heels

1. Try on your shoes well

The first rule is to always try on shoes, which must be the correct size: it  seems obvious, but it’s not so much. The shoe model does not always correspond to our size and in some cases the left foot is different from the right.

Not to mention that some of us adapt to wearing shoes with one size less or one more. Whether it’s bigger or smaller, a wrong shoe ends up causing damage.

So, first, try on both shoes; take a few steps in the shop and check that the axis of the heel corresponds to the center of the heel. In this way the weight of the body will be better distributed and you will avoid problems.

If you are not used to high heels or you already know that your feet do not like them, it is better not to exceed 5 cm; also opt for a heel with a slightly wider base: you will resist much more.

Woman tries on high-heeled shoes

2. The shoe-spreading spray

The high-heeled shoe usually has a narrow toe. This shape can become torture when the feet are a little swollen, especially in the evening and after wearing the shoes all day. For this reason, we recommend using a shoe-spreading spray. Use it like this:

  • Apply it inside the shoes.
  • Wear them immediately.
  • Keep them on your feet, if you can walk, for about twenty minutes.
  • Repeat the same process 24 hours later.
  • If necessary, repeat this again, until you feel the shoe adapt to the shape of your foot.

3. Put on the insoles

They are small soft plates, to be placed in strategic points of the shoe, to prevent pain. There is more than one model and they are very practical, to be kept in the bag for emergencies.

There are roughly two types:

  • For the front part of the foot : it is the point that tends to hurt the most, because it remains bent and all the weight of the body is concentrated there.
  • For the heels : another point sensitive to the contact of the shoe.

4.   Anti-rubbing stick

It reduces the rubbing of the foot inside the shoe, as if you were wearing pantyhose. Ideal when the shoes touch a specific part of the foot: it relieves pain, prevents blisters and allows you to continue using the shoes.

5. Bandage the third and fourth toes

A simple and effective trick. Wrap the third and fourth toes together with an adhesive plaster. The trick is that the nerve that transmits the pain “turns off” when the two fingers are joined.

6. Put the shoes in the freezer

This trick works when the shoes are a little too “right”. The mechanical effect produced by the freezing of the water and the gradual increase in volume causes the shoe to widen. The cold also stimulates the peripheral circulation and relieves the painful sensation caused by high heels for a while.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Fill two airtight plastic bags with water.
  • Place them in your shoes. Wrap the shoes in a bag.
  • Put the shoes in the freezer and leave them for a couple of hours.
  • After this time, remove the bags and put on your shoes.
Shoes with high heels

7. Bring spare shoes

It is always convenient to bring an extra pair of shoes in the car to be able to change them in an emergency; do not wait for the blister to get large, otherwise it will take longer to heal.

With these tips you can wear high heels all night or for a day at the office. Choose the advice that best suits your needs and tell us how it went!

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