How To Avoid Corns, Calluses And Cracked Heels

There are skin types that are more likely to develop this type of callus. These can appear in cases of overweight or if the person in question remains standing for many hours
How to avoid corns, calluses and cracked heels

The appearance of each person’s feet can give us information about their lifestyle, their gender, their way of being and their culture. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of this part of the body, in order to counteract the appearance of blemishes and avoid really painful corns, cracked heels and calluses.

The health of the feet and that of the whole body in general are closely linked: if, in fact, we suffer from joint stiffness, this can be a warning sign related to an arthritis problem.

Tingling and numbness can indicate a diabetes problem, while swelling can be a symptom of kidney, heart, or high blood pressure problems.

For this reason, we must pay close attention to our feet, because they could manifest symptoms warning us about possible diseases. Likewise, it is necessary to take into account the importance of feet for our life.

In fact, it is the feet that allow us to stay in balance, as well as move and run. Furthermore, it has been shown that every human being travels at least 400,000 km in their lifetime. Which is equivalent to traveling around the world at least ten times.

feet support the weight of our body and avoiding calluses is very important

The plantar area of ​​the forefoot and the heel are the parts on which all the weight of our body falls when we are standing or walking.

As a result, the skin on this part of the foot is much thicker, because it has to resist pressure when it is too strong, for example when we are overweight or when we do activities that require us to spend a lot of time standing, which causes corns and calluses, a problem also known as hyperkeratosis.

Calluses of the feet can indicate some kind of bone deformity; however, wearing shoes that are too tight, which then rub against the skin, can also cause this type of inconvenience. Likewise, calluses occur frequently in most cases because the skin is prone to developing this type of callosity.

Some good habits to avoid corns

IS It is important to use a pumice stone every day that allows you to smooth the rough skin of the feet, eliminating dead cells.

Also, remember to apply a good moisturizer, preferably in the evening. In this way the skin of the feet will not lose its elasticity. According to podiatrist experts, the best creams for this type of foot problem are those based on glycerin.

In fact, some studies have shown that these creams are the ones that have given the most results. They are able to make the skin recover its softness, avoiding the formation of roughness in this part of the body.

glycerin-based soap
In order not to have dry feet it is necessary to keep them well hydrated, for example by using creams or soaps based on glycerin.

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