How To Eliminate Obsessive Thoughts

Physical activity is one of the best ways to clear your head. If a thought haunts you or prevents you from moving on with your life, go for a walk to get rid of it.
How to eliminate obsessive thoughts

We have all happened to have obsessive thoughts.  Not being able to stop thinking about the end of a relationship, about something we said or something that happened at work.

These obsessive thoughts are due to the failure to overcome an event that happened in the past, whether remote or near.

Getting rid of these thoughts is complicated, but not impossible. For this reason, today we want to give you some tips to get rid of those obsessive thoughts that limit you and prevent you from enjoying life.   

Always think about the same things

Start by moving

Boy running in the rain

The best way to stop thinking about something is to get out. Often walking, if possible in the middle of nature, is a good option.   

It is not necessary to be accompanied, alone is even better. In this way, we will allow thoughts to flow, to leave our mind.

Walking also allows us to clarify and see from a different perspective everything that crowds our mind and about which it makes no sense to brood, because it has no solution, right?

The uselessness of obsessive thoughts

As we have said, when we continue to mull over a thought it is because it has no solution. However, as it affects us, we cling to it.

Thinking about something constantly does nothing but cause us anxiety and increase our thinking, because we torment ourselves in the present for something that actually happened in the past.   

Girl with obsessive thoughts

It is a way to suffer, to hurt oneself and not to move forward. Therefore, reflecting on the usefulness of what you are thinking about while walking can help you find a way out.

Do we do what we like?

Keeping thinking about the same idea over and over has devastating consequences.  Suddenly, we no longer enjoy what we do, and we don’t dedicate time to what we love, closing in on ourselves.

Without realizing it, we lock ourselves into our comfort zone  and remain there, prisoners of our mind.

To begin to leave this vicious circle, it is important to go out for a walk and then think about what we like and do it without second thoughts.

Sad girl

You think that tomorrow you may not have the opportunity anymore, that you have to do it today.   

Going to the museum, to the cinema, to a party, going out with friends, whatever! Don’t procrastinate! In this way, you will start enjoying life again.

The  mindfulness  can help

Practicing  mindfulness  has great benefits to stop ruminating on a thought.

  • Thanks to it, anxiety is reduced and we begin to observe thoughts as we let them go.
  • Constantly analyzing a situation will not do us any good.

This happens because emotions play a leading role and lead us to a chasm of thoughts that do nothing but cause us suffering.

Ask for help

Couple embraced

If getting out of this situation is very difficult for you, it may be a bigger problem, such as addiction.

Asking for help is always positive and in this way we will make sure to calm our mind, because health is not only physical, but also psychological.

We may find that we have shortcomings or other types of problems that we didn’t think we had and that hurt us.

It is not foolish to ask for help if a thought prevents us from getting out of bed, working, being productive, and enjoying life.      

The mind is not easy to tame. In fact, the more control we try to exert over the ideas that appear, the more difficult it will be to do so. It is important to understand its meaning, purpose and usefulness.

Most obsessive thoughts have only one goal: to make us suffer even more.

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