How To Treat Diabetes With Aloe Vera

Before resorting to aloe vera to fight diabetes, if we are following a treatment, it is advisable to consult the specialist in case there is any contraindication.
How to treat diabetes with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that has long been well known for relieving various disorders. Today we tell you how to make it effective for treating diabetes.

Several studies carried out – on humans and animals – have shown that this plant allows you to reduce blood glucose levels in just two months of intake.

The results are evident both in patients who are not dependent on insulin application and in those who are insulin dependent. Furthermore, for topical use, aloe vera has positive effects for the skin and avoids the consequences of the so-called diabetic foot.

In any case, remember that if you suffer from this disease, you must also adopt an adequate diet and exercise. And don’t stop relying on your trusted specialist doctor when in doubt and before trying any alternative treatment, so that he supervises everything.

Why is aloe vera suitable for fighting excess blood sugar?

aloe vera and diabetes

The aloe vera plant contains several substances that help improve the health of people with diabetes. Its regular consumption reduces blood glucose levels and at the same time keeps under control the sugar spikes that a diabetic patient may have during the day.

  • Emodin is the active ingredient of aloe vera and has hypoglycemic properties.
  • It also provides two types of fiber – mucilage and glucomannan – which, in addition to satiating, help regulate the absorption of sugars.
  • It is also rich in fructose, a sugar found in vegetables and which is absorbed slowly. In this way, hyperglycemia is avoided.

A plant that provides minerals to regulate glucose levels

Furthermore, aloe vera is a plant that contains minerals necessary for people with diabetes. Among them stand out:

  • Chromium, which tends to normalize blood sugar levels, as well as contributing to insulin production.
  • Manganese, vital in the production of natural insulin.
  • Magnesium, of which diabetic patients have low values.

How to properly take aloe vera to treat diabetes?

aloe vera extract

For aloe vera to be effective in treating diabetes, you need to make sure it is as pure as possible. For this reason, it is always better to take the plant directly instead of buying products made with this substance.

If you have a garden, perfect. If not, don’t be discouraged. A balcony or window is enough to hold a pot with this plant. The recommended dose is two tablespoons per day (30 g) of the gel contained in the aloe vera leaves.

In this way, it is possible to reduce blood sugar levels by up to 50% in two months. If you are lucky enough to have a fresh aloe leaf, you just have to wash it well and extract the amount of gel you need. Then, wrap the leaf in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator.

Diabetic foot treatment with aloe vera

natural remedies

In addition to the great benefits that its internal use brings to people with diabetes, aloe vera is a fundamental ally for treating the symptoms of the so-called diabetic foot.  This disease can cause loss of sensation in the feet as a result of damage to the nerves.

The diabetic person, therefore, may not realize that they have been injured and do not notice cuts, blisters or sores. If not treated in time, these injuries usually lead to ulcers and infections.

However, if the patient applies aloe vera gel to the feet consistently every day, it will greatly reduce the risk of suffering from this condition. Among the benefits obtained by applying aloe vera gel in this area of ​​the body which is so sensitive for a diabetic person, we can point out:

  • Keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Promotes healing.
  • Calm the pain.
  • Prevents the appearance of cracks.

Aloe must be applied through a gentle massage. However, you should avoid running it between your fingers, as fungi may appear if this area remains moist.

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