Ingrown Toenails: How To Avoid Them

To avoid ingrown toenails and all the consequent problems it is important to cut them regularly and maintain proper hygiene rules.
Ingrown toenails: how to avoid them

Ingrown toenails are a very common problem. Although this condition causes a lot of discomfort and can be complicated to treat, with good hygiene and proper precautions it can be fought .

Ingrown toenails are a common problem in any culture that contemplates wearing shoes; shoes putting pressure on the nails in particular are a common cause.

An ingrown toenail is said to occur when a toe, usually the big toe, has curvatures or spikes in its growth. If these bends or spikes do not grow normally, they can cause a lot of pain, discomfort with walking and infections.

People suffering from circulatory problems, diabetes or numbness need to be especially careful to avoid this problem. In extreme cases, serious infections can arise, leading to the amputation of the foot.

To avoid ingrown toenails it is important to remember the following tips.

1. Avoid ingrown toenails by taking care of your feet

The toes may be forgotten or they may even be thought to be clean when they are not. To avoid ingrown toenails it is important to always keep your nails clean and constantly check them for any abnormalities in their growth.

In case you have had an accident and your nail has broken or chipped it is essential to file it and make sure it remains in the best possible state.

If it cannot be filed because the problem affects the part of the nail that is above the skin, you must try to maintain proper hygiene and not to crush it.

2. Use comfortable shoes

comfortable gray and white shoes

Fashion can be a great accomplice to the appearance of ingrown toenails. It has become very common to use narrow shoes, especially on the toe. Although they are very beautiful and help stabilize the foot, it is important that the toes have some mobility and space to allow for oxygen to circulate.

If you can’t avoid shoes that are tight on the toe, at least try to have at least half an inch so you can move your toes freely. Also, you must check that the upper part of the shoe does not put pressure on the nail as it can cause it to ingrown.

3. Avoid closed shoes as much as possible

We have already mentioned that the complications of ingrown toenails are infections. These are formed for several reasons: lack of toe hygiene, lack of shoe hygiene and lack of foot oxygenation. For this reason, you must do everything possible to use sandals or open-fronted shoes.

Furthermore, the same pair of shoes, if closed or used for several hours, should not be used for two consecutive days.

4. Consult a podiatrist constantly

treat ingrown toenails

The podiatrist specializes in foot care. This means that it is the best option for keeping feet healthy and free from ingrown toenails and similar problems. If you are a woman and you like pedicures, we recommend that you go to a podiatrist who offers this service.

Unfortunately, those who deal with pedicures do not always have the adequate knowledge for the correct treatment of the nails and could cause ingrown nails or infections.

5. Trim your nails without leaving any bumps

While it is advisable to consult a podiatrist so that they keep your feet healthy and cut your nails properly, you can also do it yourself.

The advice is to do it following the line of the nail, without cutting too close to the skin and without leaving bumps or tips that can become ingrown. This procedure must be done with a large and sufficiently sharp nail clipper.

Learn to avoid ingrown toenails

Avoiding ingrown toenails and their discomfort is an easy task that only needs a little attention and a lot of hygiene. Remember that if you notice a little discomfort you must consult a podiatrist so that he checks the situation and remedies as soon as possible.

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