Lemon Charlotte: A Palace Dessert

A refreshing dessert, very simple to prepare, tasty and healthy for the whole family: let’s talk about the lemon charlotte. A dessert worthy of the palace life.
Lemon charlotte: a palace dessert

A box of cookies, cream and some lemons is what we need to prepare a sweet treat, ideal for a snack or at the end of a meal. These ingredients are part of the succulent and simple recipe for lemon charlotte.

Similar in some characteristics to the the famous lemon pie , this recipe has in addition the eggs and sugar already present in the biscuits. The recipe for preparing lemon charlotte is of French origin and can be replicated by everyone, in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Ingredients of lemon charlotte

To prepare the lemon charlotte, you need to have a pack of cream, another of mascarpone and at least two packs of dry biscuits . The latter must be dry, egg-based and sweet enough. These are the main ingredients of our dessert. 

Dry biscuits for lemon charlotte

As for the doses, you need 250 ml of cream, 125 g of mascarpone and 3 packs of biscuits (for example ladyfingers) .  

And then, of course, the main ingredient cannot be missing: the lemon . About two will be enough to give us the amount of juice we need for this dish

Optionally we could bring out the flavor with lemon yogurt and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder . However, these are additional ingredients that are not needed to create the original recipe. Everything will depend on the taste of the cook and the diners.

Lemon charlotte recipe

  • Squeeze the lemons to get the juice to store  in a glass container with a certain depth to create the necessary mixture.
  • Whip the cream and then add it, together with the mascarpone, to the lemon juice.  
  • After mixing the ingredients, you need to prepare the layers of the lemon charlotte.
  • Equip yourself with  a refractory mold and put a first layer of biscuits arranged one on top of the other.
  • After arranging the biscuits, pour a little cream on them.
  • Then put the second layer of biscuits On this new layer you put all the rest of the cream

In the freezer

The good news is that since the cookies are ready-made, you won’t have to use the oven at any time. Instead, put the tray with the lemon charlotte in the freezer.  The minimum time is 30 minutes, with the aim of solidifying the cake.

Some people prefer to leave the cake in the fridge for a whole day, avoiding the use of the freezer . Both procedures are valid, although the latter allows for greater control over the final result. This way, it’s easy to check that the dough is ready without it freezing too much.

Before serving, you can add some ground cinnamon to taste.  Some people grate some lemon zest and add it on top of the dessert . Both additional ingredients enhance both taste and aesthetics. 

Lemon Charlotte cake

Lemon charlotte: a dessert attributed to two queens

Some versions claim that this dessert originated in England, during the reign of King George III . According to this story, the dessert was named after his wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

A second version claims, however, that the inventor of the dessert, Marie-Antoine CarĂªme, did so by altering the recipe for a dessert called charlotte russe. Charlotte allegedly took its name from the wife of Tsar Nicholas I and would refer to the name of Charlotte of Prussia.

Both historical figures were contemporary and reigned over the most powerful nations on the planet. We may never know for sure which of these two queens got the name of this dessert.  The truth is that its flavor has elevated it to a monarchical status in the world of pastry .

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