Live Life And Forget About Age

Our mind may have a different age than the chronological one that marks our birth. Regardless of this, enjoy life, regardless of the numbers.   
Live life and forget about age

And you, do you live life or do you think about how old you are? We are not talking about numbers, but about the age your heart feels and your brain enjoys. 

That is the only age that is really important, because in addition to the real years, there is life and the sound of that happiness that lights up when we are well, when we are at peace with the person we see when we look in the mirror.

Well, one thing we all know is that our society values ​​youth above all. It sells us the idea that being young is synonymous with beauty and not only, also with well-being.

It is very difficult to see mature men or women parading on the catwalks, faces with some wrinkles that smile or skins that are a little looser, but equally wonderful.

Perhaps youth is the most important thing for big names, but one fact to take into account is that being young is not always synonymous with happiness.   

The best age is what we have now, because it is in this very moment that the best opportunities open up to be who we want to be. Whether you are 20 or 60 years old.

Live life, age doesn’t matter if you still want to laugh

What was your first thought this morning? Believe it or not, you start getting old the day you open your eyes and wake up without any stimulus and without a project in mind to carry out.

A mind full of dreams, projects, ambitions, desires and curiosities is typical of a person who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest, regardless of the age marked on his identity card or driver’s license.

Nonetheless, there are times when we focus only on what is happening outside,  in that extra candle on our birthday cake, in that number marked on the scales or in that size that we would like to reach in order to still be able to wear the clothes of when we were young.

All these examples are real signs of suffering that we must know how to rationalize. For this reason, we want to show you, for example, how some people age .

A process that affects the mind first than the skin, and that we should all avoid.

live life - imprisoned girl

We grow old when ambitions die out

  • We say “no” to a beautiful day at the beach because we are ashamed that others notice the changes our body has undergone.
  • We give weight to those who tell us You can’t do it anymore, your train has already passed.   
  • We cling to routine and fear changes thinking they are negative.
  • We look with envy at the happiness of others instead of seeking our own, creating it.
  • We stop setting goals on the horizon and prefer to follow what others impose on us.
  • We close the doors and become mere spectators of our life, which passes behind our windows.
  • We give up when we stop believing and when our character becomes disheartened and negative.
  • We stop taking an interest in things, asking ourselves questions, trying to see what happens.

Reasons to forget about age and live life

We are sure that you too have stopped thinking about your age, to focus on what really matters: live life.

Because no matter how old we are,  what matters is to accumulate moments that are meaningful. For this reason, we invite you to reflect on these phrases, ideas to internalize to be a little happier:

  • A day full of worries, anger and arguments is a lost day
  • Every new day is a new opportunity to take advantage of, whether you are 20, 30 or 70 years old.
  • Maturing means learning what is really important. Everything else, everything that makes us feel bad and takes us away from our inner balance, must be left aside.
  • Life is too short to live following the instructions of others.
  • The opinions of others do not define us, our only purpose starting today is to be ourselves and go to that station full of trains that one day we let slip.
  • Good friendships are what allow us to continue to be young and to get excited about life: choose well the people you want to spend your time with.
  • When you can, always try to make others happy, because every positive emotion will give life to your heart and youth to your smile.
  • Be passionate about life. Look at it every day with curiosity and learn something new. Let yourself be surprised by everything that surrounds you.

Do not hesitate and put these simple tips into practice to enjoy every day, whatever age you are now. 

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