Lose Weight Without Suffering: 25 Tricks

Infusions such as green tea or red tea help burn fat and prevent water retention.
Losing weight without suffering: 25 tricks

Today we offer you 25 simple tricks that will help you lose weight without suffering and more easily. Some will certainly already be known to you, but others may surprise you.

Choosing certain foods, changing the way you eat or avoiding certain combinations will allow you to lose weight in a healthy but constant way, avoiding health problems and regaining weight after a short time.

The 25 secrets to lose weight without suffering

1. Chew your food well

It will help ease digestion and fill you up sooner, as it has been shown that for at least 15 to 20 minutes the feeling of hunger does not go away.

2.  Drink water between meals

Help your body eliminate toxins. If you drink a glass of water  moreover, before starting to eat, you will be able to keep anxious hunger under control.

3. Eat foods rich in fiber

Fruits, nuts, vegetables, brown rice, etc: fiber is very healthy and helps eliminate waste.

4. Avoid white sugar

Replace it with stevia, which has no calories. It is also good to pay attention to foods or drinks that hide a large amount of sugar, such as baked goods or carbonated drinks.

5. Drink infusions

Drinking green tea is a trick to lose weight without suffering

Infusions such as green tea or red tea help burn fat and prevent water retention.

6. Avoid salt

It causes water retention. Consume it only in small quantities, replacing it, when possible, with spices, garlic, lemon, vinegar and onion to season foods.

7. Have a full breakfast

It will help you to store energy throughout the day and not to eat between meals. Eat fruit, yogurt, rusks, smoothies, dried fruit, etc.

8. Have light dinners

Everything we eat after eight in the evening is no longer burned and, moreover, can have repercussions on the liver, cause insomnia and constipation.

9. Have a fruit snack

It is high in fiber and water, low in calories and very filling.

10. Eat fruit and nuts in small quantities

They prevent constipation. Nuts are quite caloric, so limit yourself to a handful a day.

11. Eat pureed vegetables frequently

It is, in fact, a satiating and healthy dish. You can also add algae, which increase the feeling of satiety and provide many minerals.

12. Do not follow diets that are too low in calories and rich in proteins

They are harmful to health and after some time cause the opposite effect. It is good to find a balance between fruit and vegetables, cereals, legumes, animal proteins and fats.

13. Eat pineapple and papaya on an empty stomach

Both help eliminate liquids and cleanse the body.

14. Don’t eat fried or pre-cooked foods

They are full of unhealthy fats. If you have no alternatives, eat a small amount, possibly accompanying them with a salad or vegetables and a digestive infusion.

15. Don’t overdo it with any food

This is especially true for those foods that you already know do not have a good effect on your body. But also avoid the “artichoke diet”, the “pear diet”, etc. Each food has its benefits and the ideal is to consume them all in moderation.

16. Try to prepare meals yourself and avoid eating out

A trick to lose weight without suffering is to limit meals outside the home as much as possible, since the foods in restaurants are usually more caloric and less healthy.

17. Do not eat in front of the TV, talking a lot or with your mind distracted by too many worries

Eating in front of the TV

This way you eat more than you need and digest poorly.

18. Do not finish the meal completely full

Get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger: it will disappear in a few minutes.

19. Do not eat sweets after a meal

It is best to eat them from time to time and between meals, in order to enjoy them more and, above all, digest them better.

20. Do not eat fruit after a meal

Since it slows digestion. It is best eaten mid-morning or mid-afternoon. However, you can eat an apple or a pear, fruits considered “more neutral”.

21. Take ginseng for a couple of weeks

Helps to activate the metabolism and burn more calories.

22. Limit your flours and dairy products

Many people do not digest them well and this can be due to fat deposits.

23. Exercise regularly

More than a trick to lose weight without suffering, it is a healthy habit. Exercise at least three times a week.

24. Get used to climbing stairs instead of using the elevator

It’s an easy way to get some exercise every day.

25. Don’t give too much importance to food, enjoy it with serenity

Eating healthy is important, but if it turns into an obsession, it will affect your balance. It will then be much more difficult to maintain the ideal weight.

Did you already know these tricks to lose weight without suffering? Put them into practice and regain your ideal weight!

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