Making A Candle Holder With Lavender Flowers

Making a candle holder with lavender flowers is very simple. This decorative element will give your spaces a very intimate touch.
Making a candle holder with lavender flowers

Making a lavender flower candle holder doesn’t take a lot of effort and tests your creativity. It is an excellent option to flavor the rooms, the bathroom or even to accompany the centerpieces during a party.

In this article we explain how to make a candle holder with lavender flowers. We will present two options: these are simple ideas that involve resources that we already have at home. If you don’t have them, buying them won’t be expensive.

What is lavender?

Before we begin, we would like to introduce you to this plant better. It is typical of the Mediterranean landscape, striking for its purple color and its spike shape. There are about 30 varieties, but the most common are Lavandula officinalis and Lavandula angustifolia .

Its pleasant aroma has several properties that are widely used for aromatherapy. There are several studies that highlight its anxiolytic action. For this reason, its essential oil is used in alternative treatments for stress. A similar effect is due to the presence of terpene alcohols, such as geraniol or linalool.

Among the different uses of lavender, of course there is also that for cleaning products and perfumes. In addition, it is one of the main ingredients in cosmetics, such as face toners.

Lavender flowers.
Lavender is used as an alternative to reduce anxiety thanks to the effect of its essential oils.

How to make a candle holder with lavender flowers

Everyone would like to perfume and embellish the rooms of the house with a beautiful candle holder with lavender flowers. In this article you will find 2 different options that require almost the same materials. The only extra thing you’ll need is your manual skills and a little imagination.

List of materials

  • A pair of scissors.
  • Pliers.
  • Wire.
  • Tight satin.
  • Rope.
  • Wide satin.
  • Green sewing thread.
  • Hot gun.
  • Empty glass jars: new or recycled in the size you prefer.
  • Lavender flowers.
  • Candles that fit into glass jars.

First idea for a candle holder with lavender flowers

To make the first decorative candle holder with lavender flowers you will have to follow some steps. It’s pretty simple and you’ll get a very nice result in the end. Follow the instructions below:

  • Cut enough yarn to wrap around the neck of the glass jar of your choice. The idea is to form “little ears” at each end. You can make it like spirals.
  • Measure the diameter of the glass jar and cut a wide piece of satin this size. Join the ends with some silicone. Remember to use the gun to avoid burns and to have a good handling of the material.
  • With the lavender flowers, form a small bouquet that you will join with the green thread. It should be large enough to fit in the center of the glass jar.
  • Glue right in the center and in the part where you will put the satin piece together to hide it.
  • Make a bow to glue over the lavender bouquet.
  • All that remains is to place the candle inside and light it. Once the heat activates the lavender, the smell will begin to spread.
  • Place the candle holder where you want. Beware of children or pets. For special occasions, you can make several candle holders to place as a centerpiece.

Second idea to make a candle holder with lavender flowers

Decorative candle holder.
Candle holders adorn the home and are ideal for those special moments that deserve a more accurate decoration.

And here is the second option for creating a beautiful decorative candle holder with lavender flowers with your own hands:

  • Measure the glass jar. Remember that this can be recycled: containers of coffee, jam or a glass. With this measurement cut the lavender flowers, making sure the bottom is flush with the utensil and the top protrudes a little.
  • Once you have cut all the flowers enough to cover the glass, glue them one by one with silicone. They should be as thick as possible.
  • Now cut a thin piece of string and flip the glass several times. To seal it, put a bow together. You can fix it with silicone so it doesn’t fall out.
  • It remains only to place the candle inside and light it when you prefer.

Did you like our proposals?

If you liked these ideas for creating a decorative candle holder with lavender flowers, now is the time to try! Give space to your imagination: you can combine our tips or add other elements that come to mind.

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