Medicinal Plants That Give Energy

Some medicinal plants such as aloe vera, rosemary and guarana are ideal for regaining strength and starting the day in the best possible way.

Every now and then it happens to feel without strength from both a physical and mental point of view, to arrive home tired or to wake up in the morning without energy. Don’t worry, there are several medicinal plants that can be of great help. Read on to find out about these herbs and their properties.

The best energizing medicinal plants

Maybe you need to recover from an illness or a family member is having a bad time and needs to regain energy. Too much work effort, personal problems or stressful times. What can you do to feel better at times like these? Medicinal plants can help us.

First, as you all know, you have to pay attention to nutrition. Then, you need to worry about your lifestyle habits, so you need to rest properly, drink plenty of fluids, relax during the day and get rid of tensions and worries.

Finally, you can complete your diet with these fabulous natural plants that are able to give you energy. Medicinal herbs are wonderful! What are you waiting for to take notes?

1. Rosemary

rosemary energy

For sure you all know rosemary for its property of giving more flavor to dishes. Rosemary is ideal for flavoring, but did you know that it also has excellent medicinal properties? IS a powerful anti-inflammatory, improves breathing, promotes digestion and provides energy.

It reduces the feeling of tiredness, improves blood circulation, especially that directed to the brain. It has an excellent tonic action if you are recovering from an illness. Revitalizes and energizes.

Promotes Concentration : If you want to improve your concentration, drink two rosemary infusions a day. The ideal is to use 20 grams of fresh rosemary or 5 grams of dried rosemary for a liter of water. Bring the water to a boil, let it rest and transfer the infusion into a glass bottle.

2. Aloe vera

aloe vera

You already know the many benefits of aloe vera, the mother of all medicinal plants. IS a wonderful plant, with healing, healing properties, excellent for the skin and an excellent tonic for the body.

One of the greatest properties of aloe vera is undoubtedly the fact that it offers numerous nutrients. Contains amino acids, has a restorative action, provides B vitamins and proteins. A natural treasure that is worth benefiting from.

To prepare an aloe-based infusion  , a tablespoon of the gel contained in the leaves is sufficient. Bring it to a boil along with a glass of water, then let the infusion rest. If you add a slice of lemon, the flavor will improve considerably. IS great to drink after lunch, it will immediately make you feel good.

3. Guarana

Guarana energy

You have already heard of guarana (Paullinia cupana). Its seeds have a stimulating and exciting effect, even higher than that of coffee. So don’t overdo the consumption of guarana, one glass a day is enough.

Contains theophylline, theobromine, xanthines, guaranine, choline and tannins. Guarana is exciting and revitalizing, improves concentration and mood.  IS especially indicated when you are tired or going through a rather sad period.

Various guarana-based drinks are sold on the market, but it can also be found in the form of tablets and ready-made infusions in any herbalist’s or natural products store. We especially recommend not to exceed the doses, one cup a day is more than enough. It will make you feel good.

4. The infusion based on ginseng and cinnamon

ginseng root

IS tasty, effective and gives a lot of energy. As you know, one of the most famous properties of ginseng is undoubtedly that of relieving the feeling of tiredness or weakness.

Like other medicinal plants, it improves concentration and also improves brain circulation. In addition, it has a powerful natural antioxidant action, able to cope with free radicals, improving the fight against cellular aging and the formation of diseases such as cancer.

It takes care of the immune system and makes you feel better. Did you know that in combination with cinnamon, ginseng increases its properties and the flavor of the infusion is even more delicious? Do not hesitate to combine these two foods, your health will benefit.

5. The yerba mate

Argentine Mate

On several occasions we have talked to you about yerba mate and its properties. It has a stimulating action and improves the mood much more than coffee. Not to mention the great content of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and manganese.

Among the many medicinal plants, don’t miss this one! It is worth drinking a tea of ​​yerba mate once a day, as it improves circulation, promotes healing, fights fatigue and improves mood and mood.

IS healthy, but we advise you to add a little sweetener (natural) to the infusion of this wonderful plant with antioxidant properties, in fact when it is natural it has a very bitter taste.

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