Moisturizing The Skin: 5 Effective Ways To Do It

Just as it is important to take care of the body’s hydration, it is to keep our skin type in mind when it comes to choosing the right cream.
Moisturizing the skin: 5 effective ways to do it

Today we are going to discover some methods to moisturize the skin, but we will focus on the skin of the face, a delicate area constantly exposed to external agents, which therefore requires special precautions.

The key thing to properly hydrate your skin is to be consistent in putting into practice the formulas you will discover in this article. If you don’t, it is very likely that you will not get the benefits that all of these remedies can bring.

Ways to moisturize the skin

Below we are going to see some quick and easy ways to moisturize the skin. You probably already know some of them. However, it is always good to go over and remember them to have a more hydrated and healthy skin.

1. Drink as much water as your body asks for

Woman drinks water moisturize the skin

Experts always emphasize how important it is to drink one to 2 liters of water a day. Yet the right amount for you depends on your lifestyle, as well as other small individual factors.

  • If you exercise a lot, drinking two liters of water a day is likely not enough.
  • For example, a person who works out in a gym usually consumes between 3 and 4 liters of water per day.

Always having a glass of water with you will help you remember to drink, as it is sometimes easy to forget. In case you find it hard to drink water, there are alternative options; for example infusions, water with lemon, flavored water and so on.

When you start drinking as much water as you need, you will realize that your skin will be more hydrated, brighter and healthier looking. The effort is worth it!

2. Use a suitable cream to moisturize your skin

To hydrate the skin properly, obtaining benefits and without creating problems, it is very important to know what type of skin we have. It can be dry, mixed, normal or atopic, to name a few.

Very often it happens to think that we have a type of skin and therefore to use creams that are not suitable for us. This can cause the cream to give poor results and therefore, it does not encourage us to be constant. The most obvious consequence is that the cream will not work as it should.

If you do not know – or are unable to identify – what your skin type is, contact a beauty center or a dermatologist to know for sure, so that you can act in the best possible way.

3. Use sunscreen to moisturize your skin

Woman with moisturizer on her face

This third point underlines the importance of identifying a sunscreen that is suitable for our skin and, above all, suitable for our face. Sunscreen should always be used after applying our daily cream, regardless of the season we are in.

Sometimes, a certain protection factor is reported on many creams, but this does not exceed 30 spf. The ideal is that the face is protected with a minimum protection factor of 50 spf.

In summer we must necessarily protect the skin with a sunscreen, even if we are simply taking a walk. The heat causes our skin to transpire and therefore lose moisture.

4. Pay attention to your makeup

There are many face makeup products that are harsh on the skin. Also, we should never use alcohol to remove make-up. The ideal would be to use a delicate oil or cream, specific for the skin of the face, which removes makeup easily.

Taking off make-up is a habit that we should always adopt. Sleeping with makeup on is not a good idea. In the long run, it not only dehydrates our skin but also causes a number of harmful consequences.

5. Use moisturizing masks

Cucumber mask moisturize the skin

The last of the tips to moisturize your skin is to pamper it at least every 15 days, offering it a treatment based on masks (to buy or to prepare at home). The more natural the masks are, the better they are for our skin.

Also in this case we must take into account our skin type. If we have sensitive and very dry skin, using a clay mask can do us more harm than good.

Be constant in skin hydration

Very often, due to lack of time and desire, we make several mistakes. For example, we don’t remove make-up every day, we don’t drink enough water, we don’t use cream every day, and even less use sunscreen.

All this takes away hydration from our skin and it is something that is not perceived when the skin is young, but which is noticed over the years. For this reason it is very important to start as soon as possible to become aware of how to properly moisturize our skin and do it constantly.

Do you apply your creams consistently? Is it hard for you to moisturize your skin? Or are you already doing it right? Remember that the skin of the face is very delicate and continuously exposed to external agents. Taking care of it properly will keep it healthier, blemish-free and premature wrinkles.

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