Natural Juices To Detoxify The Body

Cabbage juice and cucumber juice are effective in avoiding the negative effects of hangover and avoiding the harmful effects of alcohol in the digestive system, respectively.
Natural juices to detoxify the body

The natural juices of some fruits or vegetables, and in some cases of plants, are great for detoxifying our body. Nothing like foods of natural origin is able to give our body a little respite. In this article we present some of the best known natural juices that you can use in different circumstances to detoxify the body.

Natural tomato juice


To prepare this juice, you need to blend five or six ripe, medium-sized tomatoes. Put it in the refrigerator and drink a glass before going to bed.

Repeat the procedure when you wake up in the morning. The effects of the tomato are very important: it is anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, relieves stomach pains or other ailments, and also awakens the appetite.

Natural vegetable juices

Blend two medium tomatoes, two tablespoons of chopped onion (preferably the long red variety), a cucumber and finally a tablespoon of olive oil.

This juice provides a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin B and minerals, which are the components that are lost when ethyl alcohol is eliminated from the body. Vegetable juice is of great help in neutralizing a hangover.

Juice based on carrots, celery and parsley

Blend exactly 200 grams of carrots, 30 grams of beetroot, 100 grams of celery and finally 20 grams of parsley. After blending the ingredients, mix the juice once more and drink it before breakfast and mid-morning.

This juice has a regenerating and complete effect on the liver: it protects it and stimulates it to eliminate harmful substances for the body quickly and easily.

Cabbage juice

cabbage juice

You can blend any size cabbage with a little boiling water. Drink the juice before breakfast. Like the juices already presented, cabbage is also of great help after a hangover and helps the liver to eliminate harmful substances for the body faster.

Cucumber juice

Wash and dry two medium-sized cucumbers, then blend them and put the juice in the refrigerator. This drink helps protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa to avoid damage due to alcohol consumption. Also excellent as a detoxifier.

Juice made from plums and fennel

two plums

This wonderful mix is ​​a powerful laxative, suitable in cases of sudden constipation. Cook nine or ten plums in mineral water, until you get a thick syrup. Toast a tablespoon of fennel seeds and then chop them until you get a powder.

Mix the ingredients and put them in the blender. Once blended, place the juice in the refrigerator to cool. When it has cooled completely, drink it before breakfast.

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