Natural Remedies For Chapped Hands

We reveal home-made creams and natural remedies for chapped hands and to treat, in general, all other problems related to hands.
Natural remedies for chapped hands

The skin of the hands is greatly affected by an aggressive climate, a certain type of work, aggressive products for the skin and so on. When the skin on the hands breaks it is not just an aesthetic question, because if nothing is done the situation can worsen. If you happen to have chapped hands, read on.

We reveal homemade creams and natural remedies for chapped hands and to treat, in general, all other problems related to the hands, such as redness, itching and chapping.

Foods that improve the circulation of chapped hands

The following are really great foods and their properties include improving circulation, which is why they are very suitable for improving the condition of the skin of the hands.

  • Garlic : we advise you to eat it raw or to make the Tibetan cure based on garlic.
  • Cayenne : Add a pinch of Cayenne to dishes without overdoing it, as each person’s digestive system has a different tolerance to spicy.
  • Ginger : ginger also has a spicy note, but lighter, and you can eat it grated, in infusions or candied.
  • Chestnut honey : all types of honey have medical properties, but they differ depending on the plant. Chestnut one helps improve circulation.
garlic and skin

It is also essential to avoid the consumption of salt as it dehydrates and devitalizes the skin.

Skin supplements

You have to take into account that the skin is nourished in particular vitamins A, C and E. As for minerals, selenium is essential for the skin, like vitamin B6.

This vitamin is preferable to take as a morning supplement as it may impair sleep at night and since you can find it in whole grains. The silicon, finally, gives the skin the elasticity necessary to protect themselves from external aggressions.

Medical plants

  • Ginkgo biloba : this medicinal plant has many useful properties for various diseases; one of these is to bring oxygen to the extremities, improving circulation. For this it will be useful to improve the circulation of the hands and you can take it in the form of an infusion, at least three times a day, or in the form of an extract for three months. Then stop the treatment for a few weeks or months and, depending on the results, decide whether to repeat it.
  • Hamamelis : it is an astringent shrub, that is, it helps to contract tissues, to dry wounds, to relieve sunburn, etc. You can use them internally or externally, drinking infusions or extracts, or applying infusions or essential oils.
  • Horse chestnut (or Indian chestnut) : the bark of this tree has important properties to protect the skin and you can also use it internally or externally.

Homemade rose and lemon cream for chapped hands

You can prepare your own homemade natural ointments, therefore free of toxic substances and much cheaper:
Let soak 20 g of rose petals and 5 g of lemon peel in 30 cl of olive oil for a week. . Let the mixture rest and then strain it. Keep it in a dark and dry place and apply it twice a day on the area to be treated.

rose and petals for chapped hands

Aloe vera and rosehip gel

This ointment is very easy to prepare: you simply have to mix the aloe vera gel (natural or purchased) with the rosehip oil. They are both healing, very nourishing and regenerating. You can also use this gel to reduce wrinkles on the skin.

Alternating hand baths

Certainly the cheapest method to improve circulation in the hands is to take alternating hand baths with cold water and hot water.

Use two containers and alternate your hands for 15 seconds in cold water and 30 seconds in hot water for at least 5 minutes overall. Finish with hot water, gently rub your hands with a towel and, if you want, use a natural ointment prepared by you or olive or sesame oil.

Homeopathic remedies for chapped hands

Homeopathy is a very useful natural medicine and without side effects or contraindications.

  • The homeopathic remedy Calcium Fluoratum 6CH gives elasticity to the skin.
  • If the cracks are chronic, you can opt for the Petroleum 6CH remedy .
  • If the chilblains have a yellowish crust use Graphites 6CH.

Whichever of these remedies you choose, take three sublingual tablets three times a day, away from meals, drinks and strong, mentholated flavors (chewing gum, toothpaste, etc.). Follow the treatment for between three and six months.

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