Organize A Day On The Beach With The Children

The beach is a perfect place for children. Whether you are going for the first time with your newborn babies or your children are big and experienced with sea waves, we recommend that you prepare and protect them from the water and the sun.
Organize a day on the beach with the kids

Organizing a day on the beach with the children will seem very easy with some tips and a little organization, bringing a beach bag and swimwear is no longer enough. If you want to go to the beach with the children, we advise you to organize everything so that the children are safe and every moment is unforgettable. If you take your babies to the beach, you will need to pay more attention, especially to the sun’s rays which can attack their delicate skin. Even when it comes to a cloudy day, you should protect them with the same care.

In this article we tell you how to organize a day on the beach with the kids. If your children are older and have already experienced water, in addition to making sure to protect their skin, you should pay attention and keep an eye on them at all times as they play, make new friends and enjoy the sea. In any case, we assure you that it will be enough time to get your feet wet to start having fun like crazy!

Organize a day on the beach with the kids

Little girls swim in the pool
With some precautions you can spend an extraordinary day on the beach with the children

Going to the beach with the kids requires a little organization. Certainly planning will be more difficult if you are on vacation for a few days rather than just spending a day at the beach. In the latter case, it will not be difficult to plan. Take note of some tips for planning a day on the beach with the kids.

1. Make a list to organize a day on the beach with the kids

The ideal is to make a list of everything you need to take with you to the beach. Afterward, be sure to put everything in your beach bag. You can think of everything by grouping items into categories such as: clothes, underwear, beach toys, hygiene and food .

Including medicines that might come in handy is also important, especially if you plan to stay overnight away from home. You can keep the list to make your work easier in the future. Of course, remember to bring swimwear, hats and sunscreen!

2. Look for the ideal beach

Going to sea helps to establish a relationship with the little ones of the family in a simple and natural way. Search for the perfect beach with them.

To organize a day on the beach with the children, it is important to find the right beach for them, which guarantees services such as access to showers and toilets. Even better, it would be to choose one with a restaurant, so that you don’t have to worry about where to eat. If you find one with a lifeguard, you’ve found the one that’s right for you!

3. Get there early

Getting to the beach with the kids is fun, so get out of the house early in the morning. Prepare a simple breakfast that can be eaten during the trip and a glass of water to drink. Getting to the beach first will allow you to choose the best place. You can choose the spot closest to the sea, which will be perfect because you will never lose sight of the children while they play in the water.

4. Dress the children in brightly colored clothing

Tracking down your children will be a much easier task if their costumes are colorful and slightly flashy. You can also have them wear hats which, in addition to making them recognizable, will protect them from the sun. This way you can have them under control with a single glance.

5. Be careful

Child plays on the beach
The most important safety measure is to pay attention to the little ones at all times

Rule number one on the beach is to be careful. Even if the children are big and can manage themselves in the water or if they have already learned to swim, do not get distracted. If the children are seeing the sea for the first time and are using the life buoy, you must keep them under close supervision. In this way, in addition to keeping them safe, you will not miss any of this moment of joy and novelty for your children.

6. Protect them from the sun

The first thing you have to do as soon as you get to the beach is to put sunscreen on the children, and you have to put it on too. Make sure children wear caps, even if some don’t like it. Sunscreen should be applied every two hours.

Don’t forget to spread it on your feet, ears and heels. At noon you could have them put on a shirt for more powerful protection. To avoid sunstrokes, we advise you to let them rest in the shade during the hottest hours.

7. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages

Avoid the toasts on the beach if you are with children, better leave them for the evenings with friends. Make sure you are careful to enjoy the laughter and games of the children on the beach, it is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

8. Drink lots of water

Although children are not very likely to stop playing, make sure they drink water every two hours to keep them hydrated. Using glasses with a lid or a bottle will be very useful so that they can drink quietly and comfortably.

This time will be ideal for applying the sunscreen again. Make sure you have drinking water on hand to wipe the sand off your eyes, wash your hands, or just wash off the salt water before returning home, this is very important if you are on a beach that does not have showers or water fountains. sweet.

9. Prepare a snack for everyone

Carrying containers with food for each child is very important and practical to organize a day on the beach with the children. The snack time will be much neater if everyone has their own sandwich or cereals in the appropriate container.

You can bring glasses with lids that contain a single serving. Do not forget to include fruit to be given in pieces or fruit salad in the menu.

10. Fun games to organize a day on the beach

Children play arm wrestling
Offer fun games for an unforgettable day on the beach

When your kids get tired of building sand castles (it sure will) try some new games. For example, try to cover up colored objects that they will have to find with clues. Playing shark will be a guaranteed success, have fun taking the place of the evil shark that tries to capture its prey in the water. It will be great fun for children. Playing with a surfboard can be interesting for the older ones.

Another idea is to let the children cover you in sand, you could suddenly get up like a sea monster and chase them until they jump into the water. Make sure you have a bucket to have water on hand, this will allow the little ones to wet the sand to play.

11. Establish rules to organize an unforgettable day on the beach

Give the children some reference points to get used to on the beach. If your umbrella is near the lifeguard station, they will always know how to get back without getting lost. Otherwise you can use any particular object or umbrella as a reference. If you are on a busy beach, it is very important to use this trick. 

Determine how far older children can swim. It is usually preferable to keep them where the water level does not completely cover them. Regardless of whether they know how to swim, the waves of the sea make swimming more difficult than swimming.

12. Relax

Try to relax. Have another family member or dad manage the kids for a while or take advantage of the kids’ moments of rest. As for the older ones, invite them to stay calm and sit on the seashore, if only to feel the pleasure of the waves brushing their feet.

You shouldn’t leave the beach without observing the coming and going of the waves and feeling the sea breeze brush your skin. Maybe it will be a tiring day, but certainly peaceful. You will also be sure to return home with a spectacular tan!

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