Plants To Put In The Bedroom

Pothos is a plant that does not need a lot of care and that purifies the air. Its leaves, however, can be toxic to pets and children, so keep them away
Plants to put in the bedroom

To sleep well, you also need a quiet environment that promotes relaxation. It is useful to know the best plants to put in the bedroom, which thanks to their properties help us to sleep.

You may have woken up in the middle of the night with a feeling of restlessness and suffocation. This is due to a build-up of stress and anxiety.

Managing daily sources of worry and creating an environment where you are calm, peaceful and purified helps you rest much better.

For this purpose, today we are talking about the best plants to put in the bedroom , as they can promote rest and purify the environment.

Plants to put in the bedroom

1. Jasmine

There are more than 200 types of jasmine and it is  one of the plants with the greatest calming and relaxing effects.  Its heady fragrance has a sedating effect that greatly improves the quality of our sleep.

Jasmine is a climbing plant and many species are so fragile that it will be best to keep them indoors in a vase.

One of the best plants to help sleep thanks to its calming properties; moreover, it is easy to cultivate. You will only need a low pot and plenty of topsoil.

2. Lavender

Plants to put in the bedroom

Lavender essential oils are best for adequate rest. Just pour a few drops on the pillow to calmly close your eyes and relax.

Why not keep a lavender plant in the bedroom? It will help the little ones to sleep  and keep mosquitoes away in summer.

Lavender prefers dry, stony soil, so remember to put a layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot and plant the seeds in the fall.

It is a plant that grows a lot, is resistant and decorates rooms in a very pleasant way, creating an environment in which calm and harmony reign.

3. Aloe vera

According to NASA, aloe vera is one of the best plants to put in the bedroom and to help you sleep: it has the wonderful ability to purify the environment and enrich it with oxygen.

Don’t hesitate to add an aloe vera plant to every room in the house. Thanks to them, you will enjoy a more restful sleep as the atmosphere will be cleaner and purer.

Place the pot in front of the windows so that it receives as much sunlight as possible.

4. Peace lily

Peace lily

An evocative name for a beautiful plant. The peculiarity of the peace lily is that it  does not need a lot of sunlight and filters out toxic substances such as benzene, ethyl chloride and formaldehyde toxins.

This plant, therefore, purifies the environment and embellishes and makes the bedroom elegant.

Put the vase in a warm corner where you don’t get much light. You will need to water with distilled water and enrich the earth with soluble fertilizers.

5. Pothos

The pothos  (Scindapsus Aureus)  is a very well known plant that almost everyone has had or have at home. An important aspect to take into account , however, is that its leaves can be toxic to children and pets.

The pothos  is able to clean the air from toxic substances such  as formaldehyde, present in furniture paints and which is released day after day.

It doesn’t need a lot of care, which is why it’s common to find it in many homes – it only needs a little sun in the morning and water once or twice a week.

If you want to remove dust from the leaves, use a cloth moistened with milk. They will be brighter and healthier.

Plants to help you sleep

The bedroom plants we presented are easy to find and grow. They are beautiful and promote a pleasant environment in which to enjoy purer air thanks to their natural properties.

If, in addition to having these plants, you regulate the temperature of the bedroom, which must not exceed 21 ºC, you will get a more peaceful and restorative sleep. Otherwise, there is discomfort, heat and that nervousness that makes it more difficult to rest.

So… with which plant will you decorate your bedrooms?

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