Properties And Benefits Of Parsley

Thanks to its diuretic properties, parsley can help us eliminate water retention and purify the kidneys. We can include it in our meals or use it to make herbal teas
Properties and benefits of parsley

Parsley is an aromatic plant whose properties can bring us many benefits.

Among these, one of the most appreciated is undoubtedly its diuretic power which helps us to purify the body. Moreover, thanks to its properties, parsley is a precious ally to treat and control hypertension, as well as being a powerful antioxidant.

In today’s article we will focus on the properties of this plant, its uses and the benefits it can bring to our health. We will also see how we can introduce it into our diet to get it.

The uses of parsley

In addition to being an aromatic plant widely used in cooking and much loved even by the most renowned chefs, parsley is also used as a medicinal plant.

Among the medicinal uses of parsley, we remember its use as a natural treatment to purify the kidneys, since this plant has an enormous diuretic power that stimulates kidney functions, which favors the elimination of liquids from our body.

It is also used to treat hypertension and osteoporosis.

green herbal tea

It is an important source of minerals, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and sulfur. Thanks to its high iron content, it is recommended for those who suffer (or are likely to suffer) from anemia and / or anorexia or to those who are subject to weakness, fatigue and physical tiredness.

Parsley can be ingested raw in salads or in the form of herbal tea.

As we said before, it is rich in calcium: for this reason it is an aid to fight osteoporosis and it is also recommended for use by children and sportsmen to strengthen the bones, since they are subjected to greater effort.

This aromatic plant also promotes digestion: it is recommended to drink a parsley-based herbal tea before taking any meal to have good digestion and avoid intestinal spasms, slow digestions and constipation.

This plant helps reduce inflammation and can also act as an anesthetic: by applying a poultice based on chopped parsley we can put to sleep the area that hurts us or where we hit.

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Other properties

One of the other benefits of parsley is its great antioxidant power. In fact, it is ideal for cleansing and rejuvenating our skin and for strengthening nails and hair, avoiding and stopping the fall of the latter.

Parsley also has a powerful pain relieving action since it contains apiol, an oily substance widely used to treat intermittent fevers and neuralgia.

It is also very rich in vitamin C, so it is useful in diets and diets to prevent cancer, heart problems, cataracts and, in general, infections. Effectively strengthens the immune system, increasing its defenses.

parsley drink

How to ingest parsley

As we have already said before, parsley can be taken raw, with other vegetables. In addition, it can be blended with fruit, during breakfast or between main meals.

We can also use it to prepare herbal teas. Drinking a cup before meals will help us improve digestion.

We just have to add that, given the magnificent properties it possesses, parsley should never be missing in our refrigerator.

And if we are lucky enough to have a garden or a space where to plant a handful of parsley seeds, let us not miss the opportunity to be able to take it fresh, directly from the plant. There is nothing better to take full advantage of its properties!

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