Put Up With Heels: All The Tips To Succeed

Withstanding heels: all the tips to succeed

Heels are  very attractive footwear that is always in fashion. However, they can be uncomfortable when worn for an extended period. Today we give you some tips for putting up with heels all evening.

While it is clear that most of the time wearing heels means giving up on comfort, it may not be the case. In fact, it is possible to show off a slender figure without causing us discomfort.

Below we will show you some effective tricks with which you can maintain your elegant style without pain. In any case, however, it  is advisable not to exceed in terms of use and height of heels, as in the long run they can cause various health problems.

Tips for putting up with heels

1. Do not take them off even if you are tired

Woman taking off her heels

It may sound cruel, but the moment you take off your heels with the idea of ​​letting your feet rest for a few minutes, you will aggravate the pain. In fact, the inflammation will increase  and when you put your shoes back on, the pain will be greater, because your feet will no longer enter the shoes as easily.      

 2. Try on new shoes first

If you are planning to inaugurate new shoes, you must be cautious. Especially with heels. If it’s a party or any other event that involves standing a lot of time or taking long walks,  it’s best to try on heels first

At the same time, it is advisable to wear them before the event in question and for longer and longer periods to get used to, especially if you wear heels infrequently.

In this case, it is very likely that you will have several blisters, cracks or calluses, and that you will tire quickly. As you already know, try them on several times, wear them around the house  occasionally and let them mold to your foot.

3. Wear the right size, the best way to put up with heels

Woman buying shoes online

Even if it seems obvious, many times you fall into the mistake of buying the wrong number. It can happen because the shoes of our dreams are only available in a different size from ours or simply because we cannot perceive the difference between the numbers.

It is essential to choose the correct number, in this way you will avoid annoying injuries and you will not find yourself putting your heels in the back of the closet. To avoid all this, before buying them,  try to wear them and walk a little. You must make sure that the heel does not come out and that the toes are not pinched on the tip.

It is really important to wear shoes of the right size to avoid future discomfort. As beautiful as they are, don’t buy shoes that fit big or small, please!

4. Put them in the freezer to soften them

Sometimes the heels are made of very hard materials, which do not fit easily on the foot and which cause injuries due to rubbing. To prevent this from happening, put them in the freezer with two bags of water inside .

Inside the shoes you can also put a few balls of slightly moistened newspaper sheets and leave them outside the closet for a week, before wearing them. In this way, the material will be more flexible and will adapt to the foot without causing scratches or injuries.

5. Using orthopedic insoles helps withstand heels

Orthopedic insoles

The use of orthopedic insoles offers greater support to the foot.  They have a soft and fluffy texture that is very beneficial for the sole of the foot. Being padded, they will offer you greater comfort. All this allows you to withstand the heels for a long time.

Orthotics are usually recommended to cushion weight and avoid damage,  especially for the heel and metatarsal. They also help prevent bunions and corns. This is why we advise you not to use them only for heels, but for all footwear.

6. Wedge shoes as an alternative

Despite being very elegant, classic stilettos are  very unstable and uncomfortable. If you are not an expert, therefore, try to avoid them. Instead, opt for wedge shoes that offer greater stability without making you lose your balance too easily.

7. Avoid scratching and peeling by using moisturizer

 cream on the heel

Before putting on your heels, apply a generous layer of  moisturizer  on your feet  and put some of it inside your heels as well so that the material softens. Let it dry completely and put on heels. In this way the skin will be hydrated and will not be damaged by rubbing.

8. Be careful

If, despite having followed all these tips, you do not feel comfortable and heels continue to bother you, it is evident that the time has come to exclude them from your routine and use flat shoes.

Always carry a very comfortable pair of shoes in your bag if you can’t stand heels for long. Especially if, at the end of the day or when you are leaving a party, you have to walk or wait for a taxi or someone to come and pick you up.

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