Reduce Calorie Intake By Substituting 8 Foods

A simple gesture like choosing fruit ice cream instead of chocolate ice cream or natural tuna instead of tuna in oil, involves a big change in diet
Reduce calorie intake by substituting 8 foods

Have you decided to reduce your calorie intake every day but don’t know how to do it without going hungry? Pay attention to the advice we are about to give you because it is only a matter of substituting certain foods.

So, if you want to start losing weight and staying toned, you have to learn to discard certain foods and reduce portions, as we will see shortly.

In this way it is possible to reduce the calorie intake every day, without forcing ourselves to those sacrifices that end up leaving us with hunger or a bad mood.

1. Ice cream: choose it with fruit to reduce calorie intake

Ice cream of various flavors

Do you love ice cream and don’t intend to give up this little pleasure? Replace the chocolate flavor with the fruit flavor. 

With this gesture we go from 227 calories per serving (two scoops of ice cream) to 132, in addition to reducing the amount of fat ingested.

2. Muffins

The same goes for muffins too. A chocolate muffin can contain 535 calories, while a ginger muffin, for example, contains 230.

  • Remember that chocolate is quite caloric. So, if your body asks you to eat a dessert, you can satisfy it with a less caloric alternative.

3. Tuna: better natural to reduce caloric intake

Tuna and broccoli rice

Reducing the calories introduced with a can of tuna is very simple: just replace the version in oil with the natural one.

The first contains 190 calories, the second 96.

Furthermore, you will not lose any of the properties of tuna: despite the lower intake of fats, amino acids, mineral salts (iodine, potassium, iron and phosphorus) and vitamins (A, B12, D, E) are preserved.

4.  Snacks

If you indulge in a treat from time to time and feel like a snack, remember that popcorn, for example, is lower in calories than dried fruit.

  • 100 grams of dried fruit mix contains more than 600 calories, while the same amount of popcorn provides 375 calories.

5. Fruit instead of cookies


We usually munch on some cookies to stop hunger until the next meal, but this is not a good habit.

In choosing our snack, we must remember that cookies contain more sugar than our body needs.

  • A few pieces of fruit, on the other hand, provide a good amount of vitamins and mineral salts, necessary to stay active all day.

6. Oats instead of breakfast cereals

Oats can be the perfect substitute for breakfast cereals. Oatmeal preparations with dried or dehydrated fruit are, in fact, a healthier version.

Industrial products generally contain sugars and aromas that make you want to eat large quantities. It is above all the additives that make a big difference between the two types of food.

  • Oats contain 184 calories per 100 grams, while packaged cereals 375.

7. Potatoes

Reduce the calorie intake of potatoes

Although it seems strange, choosing frozen potatoes instead of fresh potatoes leads us to eat less.

Frozen potatoes do not lose many properties but, in return, they give a longer lasting sense of satiety.

Why does this happen? Frozen potatoes contain a healthier, more filling type of starch.

8.  Vegetable chips , to reduce calorie intake

If you are a regular consumer of French fries, replace them with vegetable chips, preferably homemade.

It is a lighter version of potato chips, an extremely caloric snack.

A pound of fries, in fact, contains more than 500 calories, compared to the 220 calories made by homemade vegetable chips.

Without a doubt, a nice calorie saving, to take into consideration!

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