Rice Water Tonic Here: How To Prepare It For The Face

In this article we will explain how to prepare a rice water tonic, with moisturizing and nourishing properties. A cure-all for the face.
Rice water tonic here: how to prepare it for the face

Today we want to tell you how to prepare a rice water tonic. Have you heard of its benefits? If you already know something about it, perhaps our article can be of further help to discover others, otherwise we will offer you some interesting information.

Many people who have used rice water claim that it is an amazing natural anti-aging lotion. Rice water is also known to be one of the biggest skin beauty secrets of Asian women. Trivia aside, it is very easy to prepare and quite inexpensive.

Benefits of rice water

  • Using rice water as a facial tonic you can gently cleanse the skin, remove impurities such as blackheads, fight acne and excess facial shine. This tonic is hypoallergenic and therefore helps to calm irritation.
  • Rice water also contains inositol, which promotes cell growth and stimulates blood flow. It helps to decrease the appearance of open pores and gives more vitality to the face.
  • Rice Water Facial Toner also helps eliminate skin spots caused by the sun and hormonal changes as it acts as a natural astringent and is rich in niacin (vitamin B3), which has a whitening effect on the skin without presenting side effects .
  • For those suffering from the skin disorder known as rosacea, this tonic is ideal for calming irritation and softening the skin.

How to prepare the rice water facial toner?

As we have already said, the rice water tonic is very easy to prepare and quite cheap since it is prepared with ingredients that are generally available at home. The only things you need to make rice water tonic are:

  • A container suitable for mixing rice and water, preferably with a lid
  • Half a cup of rice, preferably organic
  • A glass of water, preferably distilled
  • A colander or colander

What to do?

  • Having everything you need to prepare it, you need to proceed by mixing the water and rice in the bowl. Then close with the lid and let it rest overnight. After this time, filter the content.
  • Another way to prepare it is by boiling the rice in water and, after boiling it, drain the liquid to get exactly the same result.
  • The mixture can last a week or two if you store it in an appropriate place.
  • To apply the tonic, you need to take some cotton wool, dip it in the rice water and pass it all over your face and, if you like, your neck. This will be good for the skin, making it softer, brighter and more fat-free.

Other uses

rice water tonic

This rice water-based tonic can also be used on hair. Many people who have used it assure that it gives a unique shine and unprecedented softness. Apply it after washing your hair and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Finally, rinse.


  • To enhance the effects of the rice water toner, remember that you have to clean your skin very well every day and remove excess makeup.
  • Try to exfoliate regularly to help eliminate dead cells and impurities that can damage skin health.
  • Rice water tonic can become your best ally to avoid premature skin aging, as long as it is complemented by a healthy diet, physical activity and good habits that are the secret to staying young longer.
  • Don’t forget that to get positive results with this powerful facial toner, you need to apply it often, cleansing the skin first.

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