Silence As Therapy: What Are The Benefits?

Silence can seem deafening at times. However, it is an interesting tool for relaxing and promoting one’s well-being. What should we know about it?
Silence as a therapy: what are the benefits?

The term silence comes from the Latin and refers to the absence of noise. From time immemorial, the concept of silence has always been important. For example, in classical philosophy several thinkers preferred silence to speech, as in the case of the Stoic school. Silence as a therapy can, in fact, be highly healing.

Sometimes talking about a problem can be exhausting; in fact it is often better to remain silent, since in silent intimacy we can preserve what we do not want to expose to the judgment of others. However, every day it is more difficult to find an environment where silence reigns due to technological devices, noise in the streets, noise pollution and more. All of this prevents our brain from relaxing and enjoying true rest for a few minutes.

Silence as a therapy and the dangers of noise

What can silence serve, why is it so important and why do so many people flock to the outskirts of cities every day in search of tranquility? First, it is worth noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that much of the population is exposed to potentially harmful noise levels.

The data reported by the WHO is astounding, as it is speculated that by 2030 over 500 million people will suffer from hearing problems. Secondly, it must be remembered that the brain needs silence to make decisions and feel calm, since the presence of noise causes the activation of the fight or flight mechanisms in the brain and this produces stress.

Benefits of silence

Quiet woman on the sofa.
Constant exposure to noise can raise cortisol levels and cause health problems. Conversely, quiet environments offer several benefits.

If the noise around us is loud, cortisol levels rise, and so does blood pressure. This can trigger chronic stressful episodes. Therefore, it is worth remembering the benefits of silence. If we use silence as a therapy, we can:

  • Reduce cardiovascular disease.
  • Children experience less stress and learn faster.
  • Lowering the levels of anxiety and depression in adults.
  • Sleep peacefully.

These benefits are scientifically proven, so let’s start without hesitation to take a few minutes and enjoy everything we can get by entering the world of silence.

A study confirms the need for silence as a therapy

In 2006, a doctor and musician by the name of Luciano Bernardi conducted important research that shed more light on the importance of silence. In this study, Dr. Bernardi analyzed the relationship between the effects of music, the circulatory system and the brain.

He realized that, in the minutes of rest between songs, the levels of stress in the brain decreased. This confirms the need to get a little closer to silence as a therapy to live with less anxiety and more calm in our life.

How can silence help us?

If you are wondering how to bring silence into your life, the answer is that you may need to find an ideal space and start some routines that are useful and connect you with yourself, such as meditation. During meditation, stress decreases, and it also offers various psychological benefits. It also improves the quality of sleep and memory, relaxes the mind, decreases muscle tension, among other things.

By meditating, we can experience the therapeutic potential of silence which, among other benefits, also promotes a surprising regeneration of neurons, something many have doubted so far.

In cities it may not be easy to find a minute of calm, as traffic also makes noise around you. However, other forms of escape are also valid. This explains why many people prefer to go on vacation to places far from the city.

Some recommendations

Woman meditating computer work.
Taking a few minutes to meditate and do breathing exercises offer the benefits of silence as a therapy. The important thing is to completely disconnect from any distractions.

Follow these tips to live with a little more peace of mind:

  • Enjoy your breakfast. It is the first meal and you deserve to do it without thinking about any problems or what you will have to do once out of the house. Enjoy this precious moment.
  • Practice breathing exercises when you are in the office or wherever you prefer. Just focus on your breathing, this will help make other sounds around you disappear.
  • Discover places that give you peace. Sometimes we also find them in the city, but due to the speed we are not aware of them, like churches, squares or parks. They are places where we can get away from all the noise for a few minutes and allow our brains to rest. Some activities also help us feel calm.
  • Disconnect from the outside world for a second. Do not reply to messages, calls or pause any other commitments. Quite simply, avoid the nomophobia that so many people suffer from and turn off the phone. These minutes will be very useful.

If you put these tips into practice, you can connect with yourself and enjoy the true essence of silence as a therapy. Keep them in mind from now on!

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