Sometimes We Need A Hug That Envelops Our Soul

We all need hugs. Hugs that give relief, that console us, that make us feel loved. And not only to receive them: it is also important to give them.
Sometimes we need a hug that envelops our soul

Hugs are a way of expressing affection, recognition, love and approval. A hug murmurs an ” everything passes ” and an “I ‘m here with you ” that we all often need to hear.

With today’s article we want to immerse ourselves in the value of regularly putting into practice these displays of affection that go far beyond a simple contact between bodies, a confrontation between heart and heart. Hugs offer reciprocity and envelop the soul.

Tell us: are you among those who hug their loved ones every day?

Hugs that heal and chase away fears

Let’s start by talking about those hugs that can solve many problems, almost without even the need to speak. Surely, you too have had experiences in which, after an argument with your children or your partner, you no longer knew what to do.

Often, in daily life, many misunderstandings and dissonances arise between us and our loved ones and it is then that the words become charged with tension. We come to a point where the mind can no longer think. Despite this, the emotions remain: there remains the feeling that tells us that we love that person and that it “hurts” us not to find a solution.

A gesture as simple as giving a hug immediately alleviates all tensions, all the feelings of stress and despair. Suddenly, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together: our body, our emotions and our affection.


Embraced couple smiling.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that, in couple relationships, it is very common to go through periods of doubts, fears and worries.

Moments when we really need a hug

  • There are moments in which couple relationships fall into habit: every day is identical and, in one way or another, the magic of the past is lost. It is then that the first doubts begin to arise.
  • We begin to be afraid, to wonder if our partner still loves us, if he will continue to want us and if the relationship will go on with the same strength as ever.
  • At that moment, the need arises to prove one’s authenticity. There are days when a ” certain that everything is fine ” or a ” certain that I still love you is not enough ; but what are you going to think? “. We don’t want simple words, we need facts. In these cases, there is nothing better than a long silent hug.

Always remember that there are hugs and hugs, and that when these are offered to us, we must understand that they are authentic, heartfelt and real. It is then that fears vanish, that the whole universe is organized and that everything becomes transcendent.

That embrace that unites us to the world and to what we love most


The best hug is the one that comes when you feel the need, when we find that expression that defines who is part of our life and our heart.

  • Flashmobs are often seen on the street in which an anonymous person “gives hugs”. It is a positive gesture that offers closeness, but the authentic hugs, the most therapeutic ones, are the ones we receive from the people we love.
  • If a hug unites us to the world, it is because it comes from someone who is important to us. Let’s think, for example, about what would become of children without that constant physical contact, those caresses, those hugs of good morning and good night.
  • A hug is the way we accept the other person, the child or the elderly to give them roots : you are part of me and I accept you, I love you and I wrap you with my arms because you are part of my soul.
  • There is nothing that offers as much relief as a hug that comes at the right time and brings sincerity with it. The heart lights up, self-esteem is strengthened and our heart gives us a pleasant sensation due to the production of endorphins.


Close family in an embrace.

If they don’t have the courage to give you a hug, give it to you!


Sometimes we complain because our children or our partner are a little “dry”, they seem not to need those affectionate gestures or even run away.

It’s part of their personality, but the fact that they don’t give hugs doesn’t mean they don’t feel the need or appreciate them. There are people for whom it is not easy to adopt this emotional expression, and they do not have the courage to do so, they do not see the reason.

  • As for boys, when they reach a certain age, they begin to associate hugs with their childhood, while at this time in their life they struggle for their independence.
  • Don’t worry, don’t get mad at them and don’t think they don’t love you. Believe it or not, a sudden, furtive and intense hug will always get them a smile and two beautiful red cheeks.

We all need a daily hug, a sporadic hug to strengthen the bond, to remind us that “I am here with you and I will never stop loving you, because you are the most beautiful thing in my life “.

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