Sprouted Garlic Is Good For You: Don’t Throw It Away!

Sprouted garlic, being in the growth phase to become a plant, has more vitamins and proteins and is even more revitalizing.
Sprouted garlic is good for you: don't throw it away!

It often happens to buy a head of garlic, not to use it all and then to find the sprouted garlic cloves. What do you do in this case? Do you throw them away? If so, know that you are discarding a food with strong healing power.

The  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a journal of the American Chemical Society, recently published an interesting research, in which it lists all the health properties of sprouted garlic .

Discover them with us and don’t throw it in the trash anymore!

Properties of sprouted garlic

Sprouted garlic

When garlic begins the germination process, one thinks that by now, having become a plant, it is useless to eat it, if not harmful. Well, as of now let’s forget what they told us about sprouted garlic, our health will thank us.

1. Sprouted garlic has greater antioxidant power than regular garlic

As you already know, garlic has healing virtues that strengthen the immune system and protect us from a large number of diseases. It detoxifies, is a powerful natural antibiotic and is rich in vitamins and minerals. However, when it begins to sprout, it is enriched with new properties:

  • During the germination phase, some enzymes are formed  which have the task of protecting the plant from external pathogens.
  • These newly formed enzymes allow the plant to grow strong and healthy, with the effect of increasing its antioxidant capacity. Therefore, the antioxidant property is added to the antibiotic and purifying effect of garlic, useful for countering the action of free radicals that cause aging and oxidation of our cells.

2. It protects us from arteriosclerosis and some types of cancer

Garlic sprouted for five days increases its power to eliminate free radicals, thanks to the presence of the enzymes DPPH and ORAC. This results in a greater protective action against hardening of the arteries and against the attack of cancer cells that can cause colon, skin and breast cancer.

The researchers who conducted this study claim that the garlic sprout extract protects the body from neuronal damage and the risk of stroke.

How to eat sprouted garlic?

Garlic cloves

To make the most of the benefits of sprouted garlic, take into account some aspects:

  • Don’t buy sprouted garlic at the supermarket. It is likely that it became so in less than optimal conditions. The best way to make sure the sprouts are in good condition is to touch them. If they are withered, light or thin, leave them alone; if they are fresh and smell good, you can take them. In any case, the sprouted cloves in your home will always be healthier.
  • To consume them, it will be sufficient to peel them and cut them in half, lengthwise. You will see the base of the shoot in the center of the clove. It must have a nice green color, fresh and appetizing. If the sprout has turned a brown or dark color, throw it away.
  • Sprouted garlic has a slightly stronger flavor: when using it in cooking, remember that you will need a smaller amount. If you like the taste of raw garlic, you can cut it into strips and add it to your salads.
Sprouted garlic

In conclusion, it is good to know that sprouted foods contain healthy substances: it is the growth phase of the plant and during this process it stores greater quantities of vitamins and proteins, increasing its regenerative and revitalizing power .

In addition to garlic, try to take other sprouted plants, such as onions, chickpeas, fennel, radishes, rocket, alfalfa… Nature’s treasures that should not be missing in our diet.

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