Talalgia: A Natural Treatment To Combat It

Although rest is important in order not to strain the area, we can also perform localized massages to relieve tension and apply essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties.
Talalgia: a natural treatment to counteract it

Talalgia indicates persistent pain in the heels. It is a very common pathology among athletes, since it is the part of the body that absorbs the impact during physical activity.

The cause of this common problem many times lies in plantar fasciitis or spine calcaneal. For this reason, it is always better to consult a specialist in the presence of such ailments. 

For our part, on our blog, we want to recommend some simple natural treatments with which you can relieve the pain of talalgia . Take notes!

Talalgia: a very common problem

Certainly it has already happened to you : you wake up in the morning and, placing your foot on the floor, you notice a very intense pain in the heel area.

It is quite common to suffer from such a problem after making some effort, after walking for a long time or having put on bad foot. To this is sometimes added the use of unsuitable shoes.

Talalgia can be caused by inflammation of the muscle area from the heel to the metatarsals, according to a report from the National Library of Medicine in the United States .

In this area a high tension is always exerted, but if the anatomy of our foot is a little different, for example if we have flat feet, we will be more subject to fasciitis or thorns.

The use of particularly flat shoes or, on the contrary, with too high heels, will sooner or later lead us to suffer from talalgia.

Children can also suffer from talalgia. The cause lies in a musculature that sometimes grows slower than the bone and this generates pain. In these cases the best thing to do is to use insoles or heels to compensate for these small irregularities.

Natural treatment for talalgia

First, we must be clear that these types of disorders take quite a long time to resolve. Sometimes, as is the case with a heel spur, surgery may be required to relieve the problem.

Well, in case your talalgia is only occasional and caused by a small accident such as having a bad foot, you can put the following tips into practice.

Foot massage


It is necessary to rehabilitate the musculature of this area of ​​the foot. To do this, making small massages in the plantar area will relieve heel tension.

  • Look for a tennis ball or a stronger plastic ball with pads to stimulate circulation.
  • Place it on the sole of the foot and let it roll little by little, exactly as you can see in the image.
  • Do 10-minute sets, between 4 and 5 times a day, sitting on a rug or towel.

Contrast bath for the feet

What do we need?

  • One tub with hot water and another with cold water.
  • In both we will place 5 tablespoons of coarse salt (50 g) and 3 sprigs of rosemary.


  • The hot-cold contrast is one of the most effective treatments for reducing pain  caused by talalgia. We just need a little time and space available to be able to leave the two tubs with hot and cold water on the ground in which we will alternately dip our feet.
  • The ideal would be to leave your feet at least 2 minutes in each tub. Introducing sprigs of rosemary into the water will also help us. This medicinal plant is suitable, in fact, for anti-inflammatory and toning the muscles.

Bandage for the plantar fascia


The plantar bandage or “taping” with strips of adhesive plasters is a very effective technique. It will ease pain and reduce inflammation. We recommend having the treatment carried out by a doctor. If not:

  • To apply it, you need to follow the image above. Start with a simple turn at the top of the foot, just below the toes.
  • Now we wrap the heel with the patches, in such a way as to exert a slight pressure. Then cross them in the middle of the foot. In this area we will place at least three strips of patches.
  • We wear the bandage all day and we will notice a great relief.

Yes to rest

Each type of talalgia requires, as mentioned, some time to be treated. As far as possible, therefore, try to rest adequately to avoid worsening the problem, whether it is due to fasciitis or heel spurs.

The best essential oil to relieve talalgia

Natural methods for talalgia

There are essential oils that are very useful for treating muscle injuries and problems with joints or tendons.

  • Arnica oil is the most suitable for treating talalgia. According to this study carried out by the Hospital Militar Central Dr. Carlos J. Finlay (Cuba) ,  By carrying out gentle massages in the plantar area, we produce heat and improve circulation. In addition, the pain produced by dislocations, sprains or fasciitis is reduced.

You will be curious to know that arnica oil is the favorite of sportsmen whenever they suffer any injury.

Do you want to try it?

You can find arnica oil in natural product stores and in ready-made creams that can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is one of the best treatments you can use. It is recommended to perform two massages a day with arnica oil.

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