The Best Breakfasts To Recharge Your Batteries

As this is the first meal after a long period of fasting, breakfast should include foods that provide enough energy to get you through the day.    
The best breakfasts to recharge your batteries

If you feel tired in the morning, if you find it difficult to start the day, and you don’t fuel until noon, you are probably not getting the necessary nutrients. The time has come to recharge your batteries!

In this article we talk about the best breakfasts to recharge your batteries as soon as you wake up. Take note!

The best breakfasts to recharge your batteries


What are the most energetic breakfasts?

Many people ignore the importance of a good breakfast to build strength throughout the day. We are used to having a cup of coffee while changing or putting on makeup, and we often leave the house on an empty stomach.

For more energy, it is essential to take in healthy carbon hydrates,  which are sources of glucose that the body turns into energy. The good thing about these foods is that they keep us strong for much longer and they don’t provide a lot of calories.

We also recommend taking low-fat proteins and fruit smoothies, especially in summer, to provide the body with the nutrients it needs and to start the day with full batteries.

We also invite you to opt for some alternatives to lactose, such as, for example, almond or oat milk, to avoid the high amounts of fat and cholesterol from dairy products (especially whole).

Having a good breakfast has multiple benefits. It not only appeases the appetite, it also activates the metabolism and avoids overeating during the day. 

Contrary to popular belief, a large breakfast can help you lose weight and reduce anxiety, as long as you opt for healthy foods, such as fruit and cereals.

If you are not used to eating a lot for breakfast, you can increase the quantities little by little.

It is equally important not to overdo dinner and to avoid going to bed before 3am after the meal. This way, the body will wake up hungry and it will be easier to enjoy a full breakfast.

Energy breakfasts: tips for preparation


Not having breakfast every morning forces the body to use up its reserve energy.  

We must take into account that, after 7 hours without taking any food, we need fuel to recharge.

  • A good breakfast (energetic and healthy) must provide proteins, slow digesting carbon hydrates and fruit or vegetables.
  • It is essential to opt for whole grains and whole seeds  (high in fiber), to avoid running out of energy in the middle of the morning.   
  • Also include a hard-boiled egg in your breakfast, a handful of nuts, and remember never to eat this meal away from home.
  • Avoid processed foods  (because they increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood).
  • At least 3 times a week, take a Greek yogurt (for the proteins it contains) and that contains less than 5 g of sugar per serving.

5 foods for energy breakfasts

Perhaps it will seem strange to you to take 5 different ingredients right from breakfast. However, as time goes by, you will realize the benefits of a high-protein, low-fat breakfast.

It has no positive physical and emotional repercussions, as there is nothing better than sharing a few minutes with the family before everyone goes about their daily activities.

Here are the foods that cannot be missing in breakfast:

1. Coffee

Although this drink is often not recommended, it is true that, in moderate quantities, it is of great help to increase energy.

Caffeine improves the mood and increases mental performance. It also reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue and speeds up the metabolism.

Pay attention: it is good to take only 2 cups a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

2. Dried fruit

It is high in protein, healthy fats and fiber. Being rich in calories, it satisfies quickly and avoids us having to nibble between meals.

Dried fruit contains vitamin E, magnesium and manganese, reduces diabetes and heart disease, as well as being excellent when taken with yogurt or milk. It’s great for recharging your energy!

3 eggs

These are also often considered to be harmful to health. Nevertheless, by taking them, we will provide the body with 6 g of healthy proteins and we will lose weight (especially abdominal fat).

An egg for breakfast improves brain function,  balances cholesterol levels and prevents macular degeneration. It also allows us not to take in additional calories during the day.

4. Flax seeds

Linseed oil

These are small seeds, but with a considerable nutritional contribution. Flax provides omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B1 and magnesium (among other minerals).

A tablespoon of these seeds, together with a juice or yogurt, reduce glucose and cholesterol.

5. Oats

It is one of the ingredients that cannot be missing for breakfast to recharge your batteries. It can be taken with yogurt, milk or juice, in biscuits or in the form of cream.

Oats have significant amounts of nutrients including fiber, iron and magnesium. Undoubtedly, one of its main virtues is the feeling of satiety it guarantees.

You will be full for several hours  and will avoid nibbling before lunch.

Here are other foods that cannot be missing for breakfast:

  • Yogurt (preferably Greek)
  • Fruit fresh (juices, smoothies or whole fruit)
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Green tea (to reduce caffeine).

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