To Love Does Not Mean To Have A Partner

When we realize that loving doesn’t mean possessing the other person, we can have a much more fulfilling relationship free of fear or submission.
To love does not mean to possess the partner

When we fall in love, we feel that the other person is part of our life and we never want to get away from them. Sometimes this feeling can become a necessity, so you have to learn to love without feelings of ownership or possession.

Sometimes it happens that we love a person so much that we believe we are the masters of his life and so we want to dominate his actions.

Other times we fall into the error of wanting to change his personality and his way of thinking, to feel more comfortable and more secure in the relationship.

It is essential to analyze, first of all, if this love we feel is toxic or if, instead, it is a quiet relationship. If it makes us suffer so much, we must accept the fact that we must end this sick relationship as soon as possible.

Love and separate

loving couple with problems

We know that this love stage is very painful. In these moments we go through a great mourning which is important to channel.

It is advisable, even if it seems difficult, to end the relationship in the most amicable way possible. This way we can avoid hurting the other person even more.

It is very difficult to accept the fact that you have to separate from a person when you are really in love with them. However, we must understand that we are no one’s masters and that loving does not mean possessing.

A love affair must include a mutual decision between two people, one cannot possess the other without this person really wanting it. When you truly love, let go if necessary.

Symptoms we experience when we let our loved one go

It is very painful to let go of the person we love. There are very intense sensations that we have to counter. For many it is difficult to understand why we leave someone if it is true love.

Among the consequences of the process, some dreaded symptoms stand out, such as insomnia and excruciating pain of the soul. 

Among other symptoms, the following may also occur:

  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bad mood
  • Severe depression

The best decision: to love does not mean to possess

Couple arguing on the sofa

A separation is always scary, especially since you have to go through the whole process of recovery that hurts. However, if we think about it, it is better to go through all of this instead of living in a situation of prolonged suffering.

We must begin to take into consideration that everything passes and that, however much we may love another person, we cannot possess them. It must be understood that it is much more pleasant to see the person you love happy than to see them suffer.

If we understand this and accept it, it will be much easier to make this decision and face this challenge.

Of course, with time, we will feel much better. It is comforting to see those we love being happy, even if this person is no longer part of our life.

Only good memories remain with her, what has been learned, experiences and something very precious: the knowledge that this person has helped us to know true love.

We must learn that love, although it lasts forever within us, may not last physically forever.

When starting a new relationship, you have to start with positive thoughts always keeping in mind that we are not in control of the partner. We need to understand that life follows its own path and that several things can happen over time.

It is true that when one begins to be together, the last thing one thinks about is a possible separation. The ideal, however, would be to always be prepared for both the best and the worst.

There are various stages in life and we must go through them enjoying every moment without regretting a stage that is closing. Other times will come that will probably hold better things for us.

A momentary or definitive separation?

couple separated by a wall on which girl rests her hand

Life can surprise and unite two people who truly love each other again, even if many years can pass in the meantime. Those who believe in destiny assure that if one person is destined to be with another, the vicissitudes will lead to such a union.

The important thing is to analyze and learn from mistakes and then see them as strengths to start a relationship again. If you work in this direction, you keep the passion that was sometimes concealed by the separation process.

If, however, reconciliation does not happen, the other person must be thanked for being the means by which it was possible to live the great love.

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