Toned Body And Correct Nutrition

To achieve balance and keep the body toned and healthy, it is essential to follow a healthy diet, which does not involve the abuse of any food, and combine it with physical activity
Toned body and proper nutrition

Some foods can help us keep the body toned, as they fight flaccidity, as long as they are combined with adequate physical activity.

In this article we reveal some menus that contain foods that help show off a toned body , also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The right diet for a toned body


Protein is essential for keeping muscles healthy, but we need to know how to choose the best type for us. They also help us lose weight and slim the waistline.

  • Red meats : they contain the best proteins for our muscles, but should be consumed in moderation because it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating it once a week is enough.
  • White meats:  the right alternative if we just want to tone muscles without increasing muscle mass.
  • Fish:  Blue and white fish contain plenty of protein, but white fish are lower in fat.
  • Eggs: the egg white constitutes the most protein part of the egg, while the yolk contains the greatest amount of fat. You can prepare omelettes with two egg whites and one yolk.
  • Milk and derivatives: we recommend consuming those with low fat content, such as ricotta, which you can accompany with honey or olive oil.
  • Legumes: the ultimate source of vegetable protein. They are cheap and healthy. If you do not eat them because they favor the formation of intestinal gas, try cooking them with cumin and kombu seaweed, or blend them in order to obtain velvety creams. Together with a cereal, like supplemented rice, you will get a very complete protein source.
  • Dried fruit: the healthiest choice is raw or toasted, without adding salt or sugar and not fried. It is also available in the form of plant milk or spreads. Be careful and check that they do not contain large amounts of added sugar, salt or hydrogenated fats.
  • Mushrooms: contain very healthy vegetable proteins. A food that can be easily combined in salads, vegetable dishes, rice, pasta, etc.
  • Algae: we particularly recommend spirulina or klamath algae, which you can take every day.




Fats are vital for our body, but if we want to prevent them from accumulating and making us lose tone we will have to reduce saturated fats and choose healthy ones, such as the following.

  • Top quality vegetable oils: olive, coconut, sesame, flax, evening primrose, wheat germ, etc.
  • Nuts, such as macadamia nuts, almonds, peanuts, or hazelnuts.
  • Blue fish
  • Eggs
  • Avocado, an excellent fruit with a high content of healthy fats
  • Seeds: sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax, etc.


Pumpkin seeds


The most suitable carbohydrates for a toned body are those contained in the following foods.

  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Raw and cooked vegetables, in salads, smoothies, etc.
  • Whole grains : rice, quinoa, wheat
  • Wholemeal flours (without abusing)
  • Starch : potato, banana
Brown rice


You can consult your doctor to evaluate the possibility of taking one of the following supplements, which protect the muscles.

  • Magnesium
  • Collagen
  • Silicon
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Spirulina or klamath
  • Wheat grass

Menu to get a toned body

Taking into consideration the listed foods, we present some menus suitable for having a toned and healthy body.

  • Breakfast: wholemeal rusks with ricotta, honey and seeds
  • Mid-morning: a handful of dried fruit and a fruit
  • Lunch: Chicken with sautéed vegetables
  • Snack: a yogurt and dried fruit
  • Dinner: a vegetable soup and a slice of omelette (without overdoing the oil)

Menu suitable for vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy products:

  • Breakfast: Yogurt, banana and nut smoothie
  • Mid-morning: corn cakes with fresh cheese
  • Lunch: wholemeal pasta with mushroom cream and parmesan
  • Snack: a wholemeal toast with salt-free peanut cream
  • Dinner: quinoa with vegetables and a slice of omelette (don’t overdo the oil)

Finally, an option without animal proteins, for vegans :

  • Breakfast: Wholemeal sandwich with tomatoes and avocado. Spirulina supplement.
  • Mid-morning: a handful of dried fruit and a glass of vegetable milk
  • Lunch: Lentil salad, brown rice and mushrooms
  • Snack: a handful of dried fruit
  • Dinner: Pea soup with seaweed and sprouts and a few corn cakes

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